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What's Charisma up to these days?

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  • What's Charisma up to these days?

    She's been guest starring here and there. You might remember her popping up in s7 Charmed or in s2 Veronica Mars. More currently she's been spotted on ABC Family's Greek and on Fox's Back to You.

    Other than that she did a few tv movies last year, but I don't watch those so I can't say anything about that!

    I have only seen her appearances in Veronica Mars, as I don't watch the other shows. But she was spicy and I liked her.

    Next up she is going to be on ABC's Big Shots. Coincidentally, Elisabeth R?hm has guest starred a few times on the show too. And here's a few ep stills:

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    I?ve seen her on Miss Match, she was funny there. I though she and Alicia had chemistry together. In a not so funny note, she just got divorced. I read it on the Whedonverse forum. Not really relevant to put here, but I just remembered.