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Angel/Buffy combined Top 10 Episodes

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  • Angel/Buffy combined Top 10 Episodes

    What's your ten favorite episodes of Buffy and Angel combined?
    I'll start:

    01. Chosen
    02. Grave
    03. The Body
    04. Becoming Part II
    05. Passion
    06. A Hole In The World
    07. Tabula Rasa
    08. Not Fade Away
    09. The Gift
    10. The Wish

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    01) Innocence
    02) Passion
    03) Reprise
    04) Not Fade Away
    05) Becoming part 2
    06) Orpheus
    07) The Magic Bullet
    08) Prophecy Girl
    09) Orgin
    10) A hole in the World

    My love for the episodes are explained a couple of times in more than one thread.


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      as of today ( ::chuckles:: ):

      1) Innocence
      2) Forgiving
      3) Not Fade Away
      4) Becoming, pt. 1
      5) Sleep Tight
      6) Passion
      7) Soulless
      8) Reprise
      9) Angel
      10) Amends

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        Wow! What a fabulous idea for a thread! And so darn hard to do - narrow all the seasons down to just 10 episodes......I divided it even 5 x 5 (as Faith would say) so, right now anyway, these are my favs-

        1. The Wish
        2. Doppelgangland
        3. The Body
        4. Checkpoint
        5. Chosen
        6. Orpheus
        7. Birthday
        8. Epiphany
        9. You're Welcome
        10. Not Fade Away

        Reasons why I chose these episodes -


        Clearly, I'm a huge Willow Fan - a full 4 (The Wish, Doppelgangland, Chosen and Orpheus) of the precious ten are either Willow centered or feature a major part for Willow. Alyson Hannigan is a tremendous actress and shows the depth of her talent in these eps spanning the entire timeframe of the Jossverse. Looking back over the list, I suppose you could throw The Body in the major Willow time eps, also.

        The Body will probably be on almost everyone's list, for all the obvious reasons. This episode is superb on every level.

        Checkpoint is on my list despite being a Glory-arc episode. I was never a fan of that whole arc, even tho it led up to another "almost perfect in every way" ep, The Gift. Checkpoint is, IMHO, a pivotal turning point for Buffy personally, like Epiphany is for Angel. That is the reason for both being on my list. These two episodes are deeply personal for Buffy and Angel. It's the first flash we see of "who they are going to be when they grow up"!

        Chosen - even with all its flaws, I love Chosen. I love the re-newed Scoobiness, the coming full circle with Giles "the world is doomed", the end that's not really the end......just everything about it.

        Birthday and You're Welcome - obviously, major Cordy love. And major love that Cordy is not dead, just off on some other "road". There is still hope that Cordy could still be seen in the future in the Jossverse.

        Not Fade Away - see the above reasons I love Chosen - the re-newed Fang Gang, Wes and Ilyria, the end that is not really the end at all.....

        So, so hard to choose just 10 - from over 250 eps.......


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          My top Ten are as Follows,

          1. Hush
          2. Youre Welcome
          3. The Gift
          4. Tabula Rasa
          5. Chosen
          6. Not Fade Away
          7. Hole in the World
          8. Prophecy Girl
          9. Hero
          10. Doppelgangland

          With Honorable mentions to: Smile Time, IWRY, Grave, Spiral, Birthday and Shells. Notice I didnt Put The Body Cuz IMO Its only a Mediocre Episode.
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            First off, skinless, you do not know how happy I am to see Hero on your list

            REALLY, REALLY hard. Thrown together on the spot. I'll through together a real, revised version later

            1. The Gift - Favorite episode ever shown on TV. Summing up what Buffy, and the Jossverse for that matter, is. The comedy, the drama, the action, the horror. I promise, it's all there. And every second of it had me on my seat, and near crying while laughing. Interesting combo, yes? Plus, the teaser might be the best one ever made. And her last line in that teaser? Fabulous? And "The Sacrifice" score? Fabulous. And the speech? Fabulous. Whole lot o' fabulous, if ya ask me.

            2. The Body - The most unique episode of television I have ever seen. Best written episode, best direction, best acted episode EVER. This is the only television episode that made me cry. Lots made me go on the verge of tears, never cry. This episode: made me cry. It says a lot. SMG is the best actress on the show at this point. If you just watch her, her actions show everything. The phone call (should I make her warm?") and "Mom? Mom? Mommy?" was so heartbreaking that I couldn't stand it. And it really hits home for me. The only reason this isn't number one is that I like some comedy, a mix of everything. Even if this was just drama, it still deserves this spot.

            3. Not Fade Away - Unlike Chosen, this was a great way to end an even better series. The end scene is iconic and really shows the message of this show. Wesley's death is amazing and Amy Acker shows her talents with this one line: "Would you like me to lie for you?" Also, the take your best shot is basically awe-worthy. Lindsey's story ending with two bullets from Lorne is great. Andy Hallet pulled that off fantastically. Can we hear a YEAH!? And, I just love this episode. The perfect way to end the series. Love it.

            4. Becoming Part 2 - Need I explain?

            5. Restless - A controversial episode but a fantastic one, none the less.

            6. Innocence - Ah....Innocence.

            7. Reunion - Two vamps kicking ass, badass Angel, and W&H

            8. Forgiving - Great.

            9. Reprise - Iconic. And great.

            10. The Magic Bullet - Awesome Acker. And great


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              In no particular order....mostly Bangel centred and mostly Buffy. I love Angel as a series just not as much as I love Buffy.

              1. Innocence
              2. Passion
              3. Becoming Part 2
              4. Hush
              5. The Body
              6. I Will Remember You
              7. Hero
              8. Tabula Rasa
              9. Not Fade Away
              10. Once More With Feeling


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                1. Not Fade Away (by a long, long shot)
                2. Once More With Feeling
                3. Becoming Part II
                4. The Gift
                5. Fool for Love
                6. Passion
                7. Home
                8. Shells
                9. Amends
                10. Graduation Day part II


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                  If it's not bending the rules too much, I'll try a top 5 from 'Buffy' and a top 5 from 'Angel'?

                  1. Restless - Well, it left me sitting there going 'Wow.'

                  2. The Pack - The night I first saw this one, I'd had a bad day and it distracted me very well. Still has the same effect, not exactly sure why.

                  3. Earshot - For that scene where Buffy reads her mother's thoughts.

                  4. The Gift - What can I say? It was just a beautiful episode, right down to the music.

                  5. Afterlife - That hitch-hiker demon idea got me all intrigued.


                  1. A Hole in the World - Wesley and Fred. I don't need to say anything else. Actually I do, Spike and Angel bantering.

                  2.Smile Time - I pulled stomach muscles laughing at this one.

                  3. Birthday - I really like who Cordelia has become

                  4. Over the Rainbow - There is no explaining needed.

                  5. Expecting - I think it was the first episode I watched?
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                    Think I might do what Naia did to mix it up a bit.
                    This list is as of today

                    1. Intervention - It's just so funny, and I enjoy every minute.
                    2. The Freshman - It's not just funny, but emotional and sort of empowering
                    3. Innocence - All things good packed into one episode, but too sad for me to watch it often, so it gets no.3
                    4. Pangs - Same reasons as Intervention
                    5. Doppelgangland - another one of Joss' perfect episodes, but it gets no5 cause think I've overwatched it


                    1. Damage - Dana is such a primal slayer, it's great. She's there looking at the cop with a gun - cut to Dana as she walks out of the store with blood smeared on her face SWEET. Plus the Spike/Angel classic moments with Andrew. And Spike falling out of the window moment 'Thought I'd see what it was like to bounce off the pavement.. pretty much what I expected"
                    2. A Whole in the World - Brilliant, but too sad to be no.1
                    3. Epiphany - Love reconcilliation episodes.
                    4. Power Play - Best last scene ever... but NFA scene isn't far off!
                    5. Parting Gifts - Wesley is on Angel wooot!! Such a difference to who he is in his first scene to his last.

                    Better press post now.. list wants to change already.


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                      1. Not Fade Away - just amazing
                      2. Graduation Day Pt 2 - no Buffy finale gets me all goosebumpy like this one when everyone helps the Scoobies.
                      3. Hush - One of the creepiest things on TV ever!
                      4. Something Blue - this and Hush are pretty close cos I love them
                      5. Smile Time - Great idea for an episode
                      6. Orpheus - Angel is hilarious
                      7. Sleep Tight - just so sad but I still love it
                      8. A Hole in the World - Again very sad but brilliant storyline
                      9. The Gift - Another great episode
                      10. Belonging - just some great one liners