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Favourite series lead; Buffy or Angel?

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  • Favourite series lead; Buffy or Angel?

    This is not a contest between the series as a whole. Or which character you love more.
    It's the difference between the kind of characters. Which one do you like more as the lead of a tv-series.
    This has nothing to do with their persona ... don't choose Buffy because she is so funny or pick Angel because he is handsome.

    Buffy: The young, innocent woman who is fighting the good fight because she is chosen to do so.
    The girl who tries to be normal and who tries to fit 'saving the world' in her daily life.


    Angel: The most cruel vampire ever, who tries to get redemption by fighting the good fight.
    The guy who fights against evil, but more against himself.

    Do you like the lead to be the 'innocent, pure good fighter' or the 'tortured grey persona'?


    I went for Angel. I loved the fight within him ... the grey moral, and the back-story.
    other ...
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    I don't see Buffy as an innocent, pure good fighter. I see her as a girl burdened with a great deal of responsibility, and trying to prove herself a woman and a warrior. Because of the actions her responsibilities drive her to, she is faced with a lot of problems, and eventually guilt and grief -- which makes her resentful of her responsibilities, but still, most of the time, unwilling to let them go. I love that. I love the Buffy character -- her strengths and her weaknesses. Buffy doesn't know her place in the world, and she quite honestly has more problems with identity that Angel does. So I would say Buffy. All the more compelling to watch the way she changes.

    But of course Angel is an amazing character too. Otherwise I wouldn't have watched his show.


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      I'd say Buffy because I wouldnt want to feel like Angel does. Fighting againist the evil and being an evil creature...that would drive me crazy!! Actually what Buffy does isn't either a thing that I'd want to but..that closer to my ideas. She is kinda normal but trying to fit "saving the world" in her daily life like you said. It's a little confusing, I'm confused


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        Oh, Angel by far and away. He's possibly my favorite character in the Buffyverse. I like the complexities of his character - he's the big hero fighting when he doesn't necessarily have to (especially after signing away the Shanshu prophecy). He's fighting not because he was chosen to do so in the same way that Buffy was but because he knows what he's doing is right. But he also has his insecurities, which we've seen off and on during the show, about what people think of him, about Spike and the Shanshu, about women and sex, etc. And there's always that dark side of him that threatens to turn up every now and then which makes him even more interesting.
        Buffy doesn't do much for me...never really has.
        No power in the 'verse can stop me.


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          I was thinking lead songs.. as in credit theme.. so I picked Angel. Otherwise I think Buffy's theme is slightly better.

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            I find Angel the more admirable of the two. I like the fact that he has stronger convictions in his set of beliefs than probably any other "good guy" in the 'verse.

            Another big thing for me is how much genuine heartfelt interest he has in helping humanity, or in even helping one individual person. This isn't to say that Buffy doesn't take pride in what she does, but carries on being the Slayer out of necessity and duty more so than a righteous desire to be a hero. It is her "mission," and I always got the vibe of "doing what has to be done" from her, which is admirable in its own right. I just don't think it's quite as inspiring as Angel.

            I know Buffy being more like a regular person probably creates a strong relation between her and her audience. Her relationship issues, sibling issues, friendship issues, etc. all mixed with having to save the world. But I'm more interested in the qualities I've named for Angel. I think the line "live as the world should be to show it what it can be" sums it up nicely.

            I believe Angel's motivations are beyond redemption or an obligation. Nothing pleases him more than knowing he made a positive difference.

            Also, Angel's life story is much more interesting, his evil version is off the wall entertaining, and his fights are usually way cooler...