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Giles turns dodgy in 2008?

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  • Giles turns dodgy in 2008?

    ASH (and Warren Clarke) are due to appear in a 6 x 60-minute UK 'criminal-comedy' series for BBC1 about two old lags leaving Spain for a sleepy Devon fishing village, to take advantage of the NHS after spending their ill-gotten gains. "They turn back to a life of crime but discover their methods are now out of date."

    "Desperadoes" is "an ensemble piece ... you're looking to fill every role with a heavy hitter." Warren Clarke is known for 'Dalziel and Pascoe' and presume ASH gets to use his original working-class accent for a change and play a "geeza" ASH's real-life daughter Emily plays his character's (Maurice Riley) daughter in the series and Jenny Agutter plays his wife.

    Is there a "dodgy" vibe about ASH - he seems to land in roles where he veers between the pillar of the establishment and ... starting with Rocky Horror transvestism, via Ripper - sinister headmaster on dr who - is the face or the voice?
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    I hear he's going to be in Sweeney Todd, which is probably a blessing, because with Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Alan Rickman and Sacha Baron Cohen, you'd want someone to be able to sing, wouldn't you?

    I think anyone who's noted for playing Dr Frank-n-Furter has the potential to be cast "dodgy" later on. But ASH is a very good comedic actor and is often used in that role, so I can see what he'd be doing here. Good on the man.