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Role models & inner Angeluses..What Joss characters have your best and worst traits?

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  • Role models & inner Angeluses..What Joss characters have your best and worst traits?

    I know there's already a thread where you can say which Jossverse character most resembles you...I'm sure I started one myself at some point...but this thread's a little different.

    I'm not asking who you're like overall, but which characters share the personality traits you see as your best and worst points - whether there's one character that has them both, or several characters that house your two extremes of nice and naughty.

    Personally, I think Buffy is my "good" trait role model - her ability (and mine!) to improvise, think on her feet. Though some people might call this bullshitting... But bullshitting is a valuable skill!

    While my "bad" role model is probably Andrew - his "ability" to avoid responsibility and reality, and to make excuses for being basically lazy.

    How about you?

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    Angel's introversion and Lorne's affinity with the shades of grey. I'm not sure if those are good and bad things, sometimes they can be both depending on your perspective.

    Definitely, I can brood until the cows come home and I find myself struggling with his existential struggle, I suppose that can be a negative thing sometimes.

    I too find myself entering the realm of storytelling, like Andrew, however my stories often reflect the harsh realities of life, so the path of escape seems rather circular I guess.


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      My good role model would be Buffy. Her ability to forgive is just fascinating. There was no character on the show that was more understanding and forgiving than Buffy. I like to be like that, and in a way, I am. I forgave many, even ones who aren't speaking with me anymore. I don't care if they wanted to have anything to do with me, but if one day they wanted, I won't say no.

      I think I need time to think about my bad role model because I need to sleep.
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        Anya is my "bad" trait. I have the tendency to say what I'm thinking and not sugar coat anything. Whether its inappropiate or not, I'll say it as long as it is the truth. If the truth hurts....oh well. Thats with it.
        Willow is my good trait. Smart, caring, always willing to help even if I shouldn't. I also have one of Fred's traits. I ramble and talk really fast. Can't help it.


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          hmmm....I think Giles resembles one of my good traits...I tend to be the logical thinker - the one that keeps the calm in a crisis and methodically try to reason a way out.

          one of my bad traits I share with Xander...I tend to joke my way through pain/conflict to avoid it...