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    There was no 'Outside the Shows' section, so thought I'd start this here if that's okay. Below is a list of all the events known to me where Joss-verse actors will be appearing in the UK in 2007... hope that helps UK fans!

    Decalogy, 1st-3rd June 2007
    Norbreck Castle, Blackpool, UK
    Guests Include: J. August Richards (Gunn), Juliet Landau (Dru), Christian Kane (Lindsey), Keith Szarabjakas (Holtz), Jonathan Woodward (Knox), Clare Kramer (Glory), Armin Shimmerman (Snyder), Jewel Staite (Kaylee), Morena Baccarin (Inarra), Mark Sheppard (Badger), and Dayne Johnson the make up artist for Angel. + other non joss-verse
    This is a starfury event.

    London Film & Comic Con, 1st-2nd September 2007
    Earls Court, London, UK
    Guests Include: Andy Hallet (Lorne) + other non joss-verse
    This is a showmasters event.

    Serenity Infinity, 5th-7th October 2007
    Thistle Hotel, London Heathrow, UK
    Guests Include: Adam Baldwin (Jayne), Sean Maher (Simon), Morena Baccarin (Inarra) + other non joss-verse
    This is a Starfury event

    Collectormania 12, 26th-28th October 2007
    MK Center, Milton Keynes, UK
    Guests Include: Jewel Staite (Kaylee) + other non joss-verse
    This is a Showmasters event.

    If anyone knows of other upcoming events please post them here as I'm always interested in finding out who's going to be where!

    And for US Firefly fans remember the Starfury Serenity LA Event
    Guests include:
    Adam Baldwin (Jayne), Jewel Staite (Kaylee), Morena Baccarin (Inarra), Ron Glass (Book), Amy Acker (Fred), Mark Sheppard (Badger), Christina Hendricks (Saffron), Jonathan Woodward (Tracey/Knox), Yan & Rafael Feldman (Fanty & Mingo).
    2nd-4th November 2007
    At Element in West Hollywood

    Art by Sayjay at Radiance

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    Do you know of any in December yet? Thats when I'm travelling to America and wondering if any will be held in California or Las Vegas (I doubt the Las Vegas one, but I am going there)

    Cross fingers!
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      There have been events in Vegas in the past, but there's none that I know of then yet, but will ask around.

      For any BtVS fans in the UK, or in particular Scotland, Anthony Head 'Giles' will be attending Collectormania Glasgow in August 25th&26th at the Braehead center. More guests are still to be announced for this event.

      Art by Sayjay at Radiance


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        James Marsters (Spike the Vampire) appearing at DragonCon

        Atlanta, Georgia, USA
        Aug. 31 - Sept 3, 2007

        There will be Autograph signing and Q&A Session!!


        James Marsters appearing in concert at Center Stage Atlanta!!!

        Saturday Sept 1, 2007

        See Sites:

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