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  • Fave, Season/Ep/Character Poll

    Ok saw one like this in Buffy forum, and thought it was a brill idea...

    So Guys...Here goes...

    LIst your fave:

    Angel Season
    Angel Episode
    Angel Character

    And only one answer per question.

    Mine are:

    Episode: Waiting in the Wings
    Character: Cordelia
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    Season: 4
    Episode: Difficult to say because i haven't got one fave but from each season, Santuary, Epiphany, Sleep Tight, Release, NFA.

    Character: Angel(us).


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      Season: 4
      episode: spin the bottle
      character: cordelia in the season 1&2 i kow she grew to be a better person but i loved her more then, she was funnier i think


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        season: yikes! I guess 2.
        episode: wow, I never thought about what my fave Angel ep was. Inside Out.
        character: lovable Lorne!
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          Season: 4 - I just love its darkness and apocalyptic feel! Plus I'm a sucker for huge seasonal arcs and season 4 definitely delivered in that department!

          Episode: Reunion - Drusilla turning Darla back into a vampire, Angel going off the deep end by locking the W&H lawyers into the wine cellar and firing his staff: this episode just grips me like no other!

          Character: Wesley! He had the most interesting and most extensive character development of all Ats characters IMO!


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            Season: 3 - I love all the characters so much in this season, and the feeling of family is so lovely

            Episode: Birthday - It's such a great episode for Cordy.

            Character: Wesley - he has such growth from season 1 to season 5, the dark place he went to and the way he dealt with his love for Fred


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              ooohh such good answers.
              It is kinda hard to decide isnt it? there are so many Angel eps which i feel stand out as fasntastice eps. And i love all the characters, each one holds a sepcial place in my heart.....
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                Um, it's a toss up between Seasons 1 & 5...I'll say 5 for now.

                Episode: oooh, so many...right now I'll say Origin because we get some closure on some things.

                Character: I usually go with Wes or I'm a Wes gal...


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                  Tricky....ummm?...Ok here goes

                  Season 2 definately a fave. I think that show really found it's feet in this season and had fewer poor episodes than the other seasons.

                  Episode favourite is much harder but I'm gonna say "Darla" (especially when watched back to back with FFL) I'm a complete sucker for flashbacks and Angelus looked better in the period clothing than in any of the others, but what really gets me is the fleshing out of Angelus' and Darla's backstory.

                  Character... gotta be Angel. Loved him from the start on Buffy, and he's the epitome of tall dark and handsome hero (yum!)

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                    Season: 5 (Some AMAZING episodes)

                    Episode: Orpheus (Angel vs Angelus) & Destiny (Spike vs Angel)

                    Character: Angel (I would say Spike, but he was only in season 5)
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                      Season: 2, definitely two. For some reason, I really like season 2s of shows best

                      Episode: ditto, Cori! It's Reunion for me as well. Drusilla and Darla are just a joy to watch, and them together is like WOO! Oh, and the ending is just awesome

                      Character: Wesley. He grew up so much from the annoying new Watcher on Buffy S3. He's rogue, he's smart, he's still a huge dork, he's funny. And even though it doesn't actually factor into character likeability for me, he's incredibly hot.
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                        ETS: Okay, I thought I'd elaborate on my answers more...

                        Fave season: 3 (though 4 is not far behind, this is a tough one...)--I just think this season was closest to being perfect, there are no really bad epps, only a few less-than-great, but still decent ones, and I love Baby Connor, Daddy!Angel, Cordy's development and the visions, Holtz, and of course, Cangel! I just thought it was so well done, and I liked the interactions b/t characters best, whereas in season 4 the relationships of ocurse aren't so great, and the show goes off the cliff in quality after Inside Out (except for TMB). So season 3--which I think was kind of the plateau of the show.

                        Fave episode: Birthday--I don't know how many times I've watched this epp, I love it so much--I really like AUs (I love The Wish on BTVS as well), and with the whole coma thing as well, I thought this was one of the most interesting and enjoyable epps I've ever seen--I just remember when I was watching it how much I was enjoying myself, wondering what was going to happen next, more so than for most other epps. And it is a great epp for Cordy's charatcer, which I love--she's come so far, to be so self-sacrificing, and of course I love that she does it out of love for Angel, huge Cangel that I am! I love her "Everything's going to be okay!" kiss and Angel's "I'm more scared of her dying than she is--what is that?"

                        Fave character: Cordy--she's funny and sarcastic, she's warm and caring, she's brave and selfless, and yet started out as one of the most self-centered characters of either show! Like Wes, she's a character that has come so far over the course of both shows, a progression I've loved watching from back on Buffy. She really does bring humor and light to Angel, and was, as Fred said, the heart of AI and the show--the show in season 5 just isn't the same without Cordy, even thought they tried to replace her with Spike. I love how the visions and the influence of Angel make her a better person, and how likewise she brings out the humanity and humor in Angel. Cordy is such a complex and wonderful character, and Charisma does such a good job portraying her. So while I love Angel and Wes and pretty much all the characters as well, Cordy remains my favorite.
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                          Season: 5 - Spike and Harmony were hilarious in this season.. plus the interaction between Spike and Angel was fantastic
                          Episode: Destiny ... SPIKE SO WON... i loved seeing the past and how Angel made Spike the monster that he became.
                          Character: Spike... although all the characters are fantastic Spike holds a special place in my heart
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                            Season: 1
                            Episode: Five by Five - Faith and Angel were amazing in that episode, great chemistry...
                            Character: Spike, always the best...


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                              Season 5
                              Episode: Destiny
                              Character: Spike.
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                                Angel Season
                                Angel Episode
                                Angel Character

                                Um for me its

                                Season 5--Love my Spike!
                                But I have favorites eps from all seasons
                                Favorite episode, Hard to choose but 'You're Welcome
                                Angel Character, hard to choose!! Wesley
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                                  Season: 2 It's hard to pick a favorite season as each have their highlights and low points. I chose this season as the core group are still intact for the most part and the show has moved into the long arcs that defined the show as well as into the Hyperion. Although Cordelia is in pain, she's still mostly herself and not a pity case. I think the Angel separating from the gang arc and Pylean arc are very unique and each brought a fresh perspective to the show.
                                  Episode: Guise Will Be Guise Wesley pretending to be Angel. Cordelia first wearing that blouse. And all the symbolism of how Angel perceives himself. Plus Brigid Brannagh!
                                  Character: Cordelia Couldn't say enough to express all the reasons I love her. Another time.

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                                    Season: Absolutely can't choose between 2 & 4. UMMM. Yeah I can't.
                                    Episode: Probably Orpheus.
                                    Character: Wesley! My favorite character in the whole Buffyverse and one of my favorite characters of any show ever.


                                    • #19
                                      Season: 1, I loved it when it first started and it was all so new to all of the characters, Angel, Cordelia, Wesley and Gunn, we saw the group in the very early incarnations of their characters and how they came to be together, but I loved the whole season collectively especially with the Christian Kane and Eliza Dushku guest spots. Season 5 would have been my next choice as I loved that series, again in comparison the character have been through so much by then, and seeing the whole dynamic of the group in a different light, in a different atmosphere and evolving with the series. The series in-between always feel like the path in the middle for me, and the first and last seasons stand out as really being my favourites. But if I had to pick just one, probably season one. :P Wow. Long answer, huh?

                                      Episode: Spin the Bottle. ("I'm invisible!" Heh. Classic.)

                                      Character: Lindsey. Now normally I would say Cordelia asI love her in seasons 1-3 (And YW). But my choice is going to have to be Lindsey. I loved Cordy in Angel, she was amazing, but I absolutely hated her in season four, I never liked the 'evil Cordy' character, or storyline much at all. Lindsey was always my favourite guest star, he even beats Faith in my opinion, heh. The second Christian appeared in Angel I fell in love with him. I loved Lindsey's addiction to power and the darkness that he was drawn into, but at the same time his ambivalence to it all and his heart that appeared now and then. I was kind of distraught when he left in season two, and sooo excited to see his return in season five. Although when I met Christian Kane he moaned and said he was pissed off, he said something like: "Angel should have been the one man, but no - I get killed off by a friggin' kareoke singer!" and I have to agree, I wish Lindsey had been there until the end, it should have been Angel to do him in, dammit!

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                                        Originally posted by slaycandy View Post
                                        Although when I met Christian Kane he moaned and said he was pissed off, he said something like: "Angel should have been the one man, but no - I get killed off by a friggin' kareoke singer!" and I have to agree, I wish Lindsey had been there until the end, it should have been Angel to do him in, dammit!
                                        But that's the genius of it. It's like poetic justice. Lindsey thought of Angel as his greatest enemy whereas Angel just saw him as an annoyance. Lindsey built himself to be bigger than he actually was and being taken down the way he was was sort of the way it should have been, imo.
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