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Who Was Your Favorite Character On Ats?

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  • Who Was Your Favorite Character On Ats?

    I know it's a bit mundane, but being it's a new forum, we have to have a who is your favorite character thread! Vote, and tell us why!

    For me, it's a real toss up...I love most of the characters for many different reasons. But if I have to pick just one, I think I'd go with Wesley. His character seemed to go through the biggest changes for me, and I love each. From roguedemonhunter!Wes to badass!Wes, I really loved them all as he evolved.

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    This was hard. Honestly, in all of Buffyverse my all time favorite character is Spike, but he was only in one season of Angel so I guess it wouldn't be too fair to pick him, haha. So, I had to be unoriginal and pick Angel. I love every single character, but hey, he's the star. I really enjoy every aspect of the character and I thought it was amazing how Angel and Angelus were finally face to face in Orpheus.
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      Soooooo hard. But I went with Lorne because he was always kind of the heart of the show, ironically enough. He just wanted everyone to get along and have things be okay. And he told it like it was. I Lorne.
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        There's no doubt that Fred is my favorite character
        I just fell in love with her in the Pylea arc and I was ofcourse thrilled that she became a regular.
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          Oh this is a tough one. On BTVS Spike is definitely my favourite character but I really did not like the way he was written on Ats, especially during the whole of season 5, when the writers thought it a good idea to take away all the character development he had on BTVS in the later seasons and turn him into mere comic relief again. *is still bitter at Ats writers for doing that*

          My two favourite characters on Ats are Wesley and Cordy, both because they undergo such an intense character development on the show. In the end I had to vote for Wes since I could only choose one and since I did not like what they did to Cordy in season 4 (turning her evil, the whole Jasmine thing). However, I liked Wesley in all the Ats seasons, especially when he turns into dark Wes at the end of season 3, all through seasons 4 and also 5. I loved how he changed and became such a much more complex character than the silly rogue demon hunter he was in season 1. His storyline in season 4 is one of the things that I enjoy most in that season, his toying with the dark side, sleeping with the enemy (the incredibly twisted and sexy relationship he had with Lilah), not abandoning Angel & co. even after what they did to him, still fighting the good fight etc. His death in season 5 is one of the saddest Ats scenes ever for me!


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            Since for the same reasons as above I can't say Spike even though he's AWSOME but I would If could and I can't exactly say Angelus cause...well. Everybody loves the main character in some way, although Angel did piss me off sometimes. So, I'll have to go for the next best thing after Faith and Spike. And thats DARLA.

            Now I loved her all they way, from the start to the end. She stunning and really free dimensional, dark and sexy. She has a realistic point of view in life, unlike most characters there and about the only one that doesn't moan about having a soul, more so about a dying body and had always LOVED being a vampire. She DID NOT Regret anything she ever done. Well there was the sending Angel away but she gave him a second chance. So that's all well and done.

            She's Angel's OTHER love of his life. But i do not like how he treated her.

            I wish we could have gotten to know her better. SO besides Faith, Spike...its Darla. But if one wants someone that was around for long. It'll be Lorne.

            I must say I agree with every word said by LRae12,Chosen1, Jenni Lou and Cori. Cause the likes dislikes about their fav characters are agreeable with every letter. The characters are awesome too.
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              my fave angel characters:

              1: Cordelia
              2: Angel
              3: Wesely
              4: Fred
              5: Gunn

              Cordelia becuase...well...whats not to love about her. lol I just loved her whole transformation from BTVS to Ats. She really did grow as a erson..but i have to admit, i hated the whole her connor/jasmine thing, and was truley gutted when Joss had her killed on at the end of 'Your Welcome'

              Angel.... lol need i say Nah he was just fab, alot better in his own series than in Buffy i think.

              Wes...i love how wes grew...from nerdy geeky watcher to some dark and twisty..and wow sexy player in the Ats family.

              Fred...She was just the sweetes, i loved her character, im so glad they made her perminant.

              Gunn....So needed in the show, brought alot to it, and very enjoyable to watch. lol
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      's tough but I'd have to go with Angel (not just because I fancy the pants off the words of the great Cordelia..hello salty goodness). I like the way his character made you hate him, love him, feel sorry for him. He had a lot of tough decisions to make (buffy and connor to name a few). For me I Will Remember You was one of the best episodes of a programme in TV history. I still cry buckets when I see it.

                Although to be honest I really liked Wesley as well. As before, his character development through all the seasons was great. For me he was the one character who probably developed the most and I was gutted when Joss decided to do what he did.


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                  The choice for this show was a lot easier than the one for Buffy.

                  I chose Cordelia, but the other character I would've chosen is Fred.

                  I think Cordelia's character was awesome because, as I said in the other thread, she started out being all catty and bitchy and then at the end of season 1 she had the visions of everybody in pain and her change began. I think it was great the way she started out and the way she finished because she really matured as a character, starting out as all sarcastic, materialistic and shallow and developing into a mature, caring and loving woman.

                  The reason why I chose Fred is generally because of character development, I think she did develop a hell of a lot. I mean, the first time we ever saw her was when she was in Pylea and was crazy. I think her change from shy and slightly crazy girl to confident woman was good and I think her death was one of the best on the shows.

                  I really loved Illyria too, but I preferred Fred.


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                    Tough call between Fred and Connor. Went with Fred. She was the Xander of the group -- she essentially didn't bring anything 'novel', other than being the backbone of the thing, the sense of teamwork. Her being book-smart was not a 'superpower' really, it always just supplemented Wesley.
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                      i gotta admit, i thought Lilah was a brill Character too. She was so evil...yet compleatly classy and well fab...esp when she got with wes and stuff...i really liked her.
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                        hmmm... let me think ... I love uhm.. Spike (am I allowed to say Spike?) Faith, Illyria, Lindsey... and well.. Lilah is indeed amazing as well... But if I would really have to pick one character I think my alltime favourite would have to be... Illyria... I just loved the way she was just throw into this world she doesn't know... doesn't understand and then just realising she would just have to live with it because she was unable to retain her own world.
                        It's just, I think, a really interesting character. A god who now has to try and live like a 'mere' human. I think they could've done much more with hat if they had gotten the time.... but then again.. who am I?
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                          My favourite character was Cordy, I loved her and Charisma since season 1 of Buffy and she really added something to Angel, I don't think the show would have been as good without her. And I also loved her evolution from spoilt, selfish, queen bitch of Sunnydale High to strong, caring, independent, selfless higher power fighting for good.

                          Ofcourse I loved the other characters too; Angel, Wes, Fred/Illyria, Lorne, Spike, Gunn, Lilah, Doyle and Kate. Connor pissed me off a bit in seasons 3 and 4 but I grew to really like him in season 5


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                            Spike is my top favourite! He's the only reason I watched Angel.
                            I also like Angel, but I thought he was much better on Buffy and I got a bit sick of him when he had his own show.


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                              I was rather predictable and put Cordelia, mainly because she was the reason I started watching the show...and, ironically, the reason I stopped watching the show. (I still can't stomach S4 of Angel.)

                              My other favourites include Lorne because he's sweet and Gunn, pre-S4, because he was always kind of the rough street-kid.
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                                I voted for Wesley. He underwent so many changes and endured a lot.

                                I love Spike but since he was only in one season, I don't think it's fair to vote for him as overall favorite Angel character.


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                                  I, like a couple of others above started watching Angel because Spike went there. (I did go back and watch everything else too.) But I agree that it seems odd to choose him as my fav Angel character-but then I have an issue because I really liked everyone but Conner. I think that I am going to with Lorne, because he was so...good. But Wesley and Fred are close seconds.
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                                    I can't pick but they have to be out of


                                    I adored all of these characters I thought they were great, notedly three of them were originally Btvs characters hmmm...

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                                      It's hard to chose......


                                      They were all great & been through alot specially Wes ..
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                                        As I am restarting watching Angel I really started thinking about it.
                                        Of course for me, Angel has to be one of my favorite characters, he is the leader of the show, so I voted for him... because I love seeing him going from Buffy's boyfriend, and find himself in LA, to be a true hero.
                                        But the thing about Angel (the show) is that I can't seem to pick a favorite becaused I love how they all evolve from their first episode to their last.
                                        Even Doyle gets that because he moved from bumbling sidekick to a hero. He also gets mad props for helping Angel reconncect with the world, which then leads me to...
                                        Cordy, is the most definite growing character. And Even if she sometimes was the steryotype highschooler on Buffy, she defiently grows up in LA with Angel.
                                        Wes, Fred, Gunn, Lorne, Connor and Spike are all up there to.
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