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Urru cover + spoilers for the Gunn issue

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  • Urru cover + spoilers for the Gunn issue

    It's all comes from his blog:

    Originally posted by Brian Lynch
    So in ANGEL 17 Gunn was in a coma, badly beaten, possibly dying.
    But in ANGEL 18, he's up and about and driving and has Illyria riding shotgun.

    How did this happen? Well, here are Franco's pencils and inks for the cover of issue 23, which will shed a little light:

    Faithful readers can probably tell just who is standing over Gunn. And yes, that person (?) does in fact have a hand in his speedy recovery. But I can tell you that physical healing is only the tip of the iceberg in this issue. This one is packed with big shake-ups. We see a couple of reunions, some fun cameos, characters charting new journeys, and Franco and I tell a little tale that serves as a wonderful capper to the AFTER THE FALL storyline. In fact, if ATF is ever collected in one volume, I hope this is the last chapter in the book.

    Hope you enjoy the sneak peek!

    So Non returns and has her interest in recovering Gunn. That's interesting and scary at the same time.

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    In Spike: After the Fall, Non made sure to pretty herself up before going on that "date" with Gunn. It was clear that she respected him and was afraid of him. I wonder what her interest in him is now that he's human again.


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      Wow, great cover, and great symbolism there with the shadow!

      All issues collected in one book would really be nice...
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      Welcome to my ritual

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        And we also have a title for this issue; "Become What You Are".


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          And Chris Ryall posted the colored version of the Franco cover;


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            Ryall posted also the Runge (will he stay as a cover artist?) cover;


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              I love the Runge one, I think it's great. I really like the colours and it manages to capture Gunn's feeling more than Franco's cover IMO.

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