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Were you happy with 'After the Fall?'

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  • Were you happy with 'After the Fall?'


    So 'After the Fall' has now finished and I wanted to see if people were happy with how it played out? Did the end satisfy you? Did the story hit all the right notes? Did the characters feel right for you? ect. And who was your favourite character in the series?


    Hell Yeah!
    Most parts of it
    Not really, some of it was ok
    Hell no!

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    Of course there were some flaws, lines that felt weird and things that I would've liked to see different. But in the end, oh yes. I love where it brought Angel. Also Connor, Spike, Illyria, Gwen and Gunn are in a interesting place to go on. I think that Brian Lynch has a good feeling for the characters, I've not seen big OOC moments or things that felt weird to me (it helped that they were in hell, dragons can fit in there).

    And I love it that the Angel series is written by fans of the series (Lynch & Armstrong). And also Stephen Mooney is a fan. People who also like to talk with us and hang around on the web. It gives it something extra. It's made with love.
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      I have some troubles with the pace (the story was stuck much time in the "Chuck Hotel") and all the reversing time but as Nina said the characters were very good written.

      Did it had a coclusive answer about the Shanshu prophecy? Couse in the last edition I fell they still believe it's a future thing, however I'm felling it could already happen in ATF. As the prophecy speaks about the Vampire with a Soul fight in a big apocalypse, becaming human and dying. What, at some way was fullfiled in the comics.
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        After the Fall had a good plot and a good enough "tweeest." But it lacked depth, and although Lynch can write certain characters pretty well, Wesley and Connor just don't sound right.

        Also, the story lacked the moral ambiguity which was a big part of ATS. Overall, It was 'meh' good, but the show was a lot better.


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          Originally posted by Troll View Post
          After the Fall had a good plot and a good enough "tweeest."

          What's 'tweeest'? Never heard of that word.


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            I took 'tweeest' to mean twist.

            I really enjoyed the series, wasn't quite absolutely perfect but then I didn't expect perfection. The series revolved very strongly around Angel, who was the epicentre of everything in the story. This worked for me, because it acted as a sort of coda to the five series that we saw on TV - a wrapping up and a new beginning. Or nearly...

            Angel and Gunn had the strongest character arcs by far. I think what particularly worked well for Angel was being able to hear his thoughts. In the TV series, DB did a great job of conveying his thoughts and emotions, but even then I sometmes had difficulty in understanding where the character was coming from. In the comics, I've had no such problems and I've grown to like his character even more. Likewise, Illyria's story was strong, although I didn't get the Fred/Illyria sharing a body story that I would have liked.

            My only faults would be the following.

            The cast seemed a little overly large and some characters got a little lost.

            I liked Wes's arc, but would have liked more. Likewise, although the Lorne story in First Night was entertaining, I think that I needed more.

            Spike had all sorts of interesting bits of storyline, but it all worked better in Spike;After the Fall, some lines, like the Spider romance, seemed a bit superflouos to the main plot of Angel:After the Fall. The Fred- Illyria stuff, working and getting to know Connor and the friendship and comradeship that was forged between himself and Angel and Wes was fine and worked pretty well. I kind of like it that he's the vampire with a soul without a destiny. I'm sure he'll soon make one in his own story.It sort of tied in with AtS 5, where W&H don't show much interest in him. Presumably, then it's pretty certain that they intended for Angel to wear the amulet in Sunnydale so that they'd be able to bring him back once he'd prevented the Apocalypse over there which they didn't want. They were only interested in their own Apocalypse.

            All in all, excellent stuff.