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Exclusive Interview with Brian Lynch on Angel ATF #17

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  • Exclusive Interview with Brian Lynch on Angel ATF #17

    The final issue of Angel came out today, but Brian was kind enough to give us an advanced copy on Friday. The second part of our interview from NYCC can be found here and, as you'll see from this discussion, Brian has a great understanding and love for these characters. Please be aware that there are major spoilers in this interview, not only for Angel #17 but for the Spike comic and all that comes next.

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    Thanks for sharing, loved the interview.

    And Brian has cool hair.


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      he totally's awesome. It's sculpted like the wind blew to the east!

      He and Scott Allie both have great hair.


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        It was an awesome interview. And ditto on the hair.

        Dammit. I still haven't read #17. It was cool that he had the Angel/Wesley hospital scene in mind when he did an Angel/Gunn hospital scene and how they both come after something happening to Connor--except this time he doesn't try to smother anyone with a pillow.

        Though it brought up how much I'm going to miss Wesley.

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