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The departure of Wolfram & Hart.

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  • The departure of Wolfram & Hart.

    One of the biggest things that happened in the comics, is the departure of W&H. In season 4 they were destroyed by the Beast, but in 'Home' the building was back with new employees in it. But this time it looks like they were never there and there is a Doublemeat Palace planned on their special piece of ground.

    It raises many questions;

    Did they leave LA because LA knows their face now? That its no longer good to have a buisness there? Did they leave the city or the whole dimension? And does this mean that Angel won? Or do you think that they will be back in another form?

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    Perhaps the Doublemeat Palace is merely a front for W&H and they're back to spreading evil, one Doublemeat Medley at a time.

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      Or maybe W&H is moving headquarters to San Francisco, Sacramento or San Diego (heh). San Diego or Santa Barbara have the requisite palm trees and sunny beaches landscape to mask the big brewing evil. However, Santa Barbara might not exist in the Jossverse (it's the location of Sunnydale).

      Obviously, the citizens of Los Angeles know too much about W&H and the mask is off. W&H used to be known as a weird law firm, but not widely as Hell, Inc. They had a full hiring of paralegals and secretaries that probably weren't even truly aware about what was going on at the firm. Think of all the people working in the entertainment division and such. A lot of the workers, if not most, were human. It may have just been the upper echelons of the firm that were greasing the wheels of evil knowingly. People probably learned about things there, but the average pencil pusher might not have been aware of the big brewing evil until they had worked there for a while.

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        I think that Wolfram & Hart are invincible.
        Senior Partners can't be destroyed.
        Even if this building has disapeared They're still here, maybe in another form ! I hope they're still here.
        A lot of questions don't have any answers. I want to know who is The Wolf, The Ram and the Hart.

        I'm sure we will see them again.
        Sorry if you don't understand what I write, I'm french.