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  • To buy or not to buy?

    I have recently started reading the Season 8 of Buffy and really enjoyed it. I was upset when Angel finished and longing for another Season, now that the next Season is out in Graphic Novel form, I'm not sure whether to get it. They sound quite good. Would you be able to buy like 4 issues in one book? Like they are doing with the Buffy ones?
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    "Angel: After the Fall" is definitely worth the money, but unlike Season 8, the only TPBs are hardcovers. They cost more, but they do include some nice extras, like original scripts, extra art and so on. It might be more cost effective to get back issues if you can find them at face value.
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      There are Angel:After The Fall hardcovers. The first two are already out.

      volume 1

      volume 2 -also called 'First Night'-

      There is also a 'Spike: After the Fall' HC planned for the so called mini-series. This one is a nice addition to the Angel series.

      Angel:ATF is more like a movie and less like a season. But I love ATF a lot. So I would say that it is a must have.

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        Thanks, I'll be looking out for this, seeing when it's in stock. Spike: After the Fall sounds interesting too, I'll keep my eye out for that as well.
        "You're the Slayer, and we're like, The Slayerettes"
        -Willow "The Witch"


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          Any idea if there will be a complete edition of ATF any time soon? Since I have to order it via Amazon anyway, I could wait for that.
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            From what I know, there are no plans for one complete edition. And if there will be one, it's probably not anytime soon.