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  • Angel:Aftermath Spoilers

    On the IDW forum, angeliclestat posted the next (MAJOR) spoilers;

    1. Kate returns

    2. Two new characters; a werecat and a warrior angel.

    3. She (Kelly Armstrong) works with a smaller cast


    A warrior Angel? I'm curious how that is going to work out. What is a warrior angel in the first place?
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    I'm not going to tag; it's a spoiler thread.

    I thought Kate might be coming back, and I'm very glad. Brian Lynch said that he thought there were more stories to tell there. And, really, there was no way she was going suicide bomber in "First Night".

    The "warrior angel" thing is interesting. We already have a warrior Angel, of course, but to add an angel, as such, will be an interesting new direction for the Buffyverse.

    There are "warrior angels" in the biblical sense, the most notable being St. Michael.
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      I was thinking;

      The closest creature we've seen that could be an angel is Cordelia. She is working for higher powers. Is it possible that the warrior angel is something like Cordelia?

      And the smaller cast. ATF had +/- 8 castmembers (depends when somebody is a real castmember). Assuming that no other characters die (except Gunn and Wesley). We will have 4 characters left (Angel, Spike, Nina and Lorne). If Kate, the werecat and the warrior angel join the cast, it's almost as big. Maybe one of the new characters is not a good guy?
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        Interesting that we'll be seeing a "warrior angel".

        We've seen all sorts of beings who are on the side of evil: vampires, demons, zombies, hellgods, etc.

        Lately we've been seeing more "neutral" creatures: giants, dragons, centaurs, trolls, Splendin Beasts etc. These creatures can be either good or bad depeding on their personality. They aren't inherently bad like vampires or most demons.

        Now we're going to see an angel who is presumably good. The side of good has been strangely shy in the Buffyverse. We've seen all sorts of demons but no angels. The only Higher Power who ever showed it's face was Jasmine and the only agents we ever saw working directly for the Powers were Whistler, the Oracles, Cordelia, Darla and those disembodied conduit voices. That's not many compared to all the creatures we've seen working for evil organizations.

        Ooooooh..... here's a thought. I wonder if the "warrior angel" might be Conner?


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          Eh, I say high time the PTB throw some force in the mix to balance the powers.

          Smaller cast seems to mean the dead guys are dead on first glance, not sure if this "obvious" interpretation is the correct assumption though.
          Good question about the cast size, Nina... maybe someone just makes a guest appearance?
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            Or it could be some characters spin-off on their own? I could see Spike and Lorne rolling off - or Lorne just leaving again like he did towards the end of S5 Angel.

            A werecat? Can we say "Anita Blake Vampire Hunter"? Maybe that means the resident Werewolf will also leave with Spike.

            Kate will be GREAT! I liked Kate in the early Seasons of Angel - was very disappointed when she left.

            Hmm... Warrior Angel... Maybe a little Frank Peretti? For some reason visions of Skip keep popping up.
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              The "warrior angel" idea sounds very cool and it'll be great if they use it to make parallels with our very own "Angel." It'd be great if the PTB sent it down themselves, though where does that leave Angel as their champion? Could make for some interesting developments...

              And good to see that Kate will be coming back. They need more females in the gang and I grew quite fond of her as her character progressed. I was really wasn't all that into her at all in Ats s1 but by s2 and what we saw of her in 'First Night' I was a big fan.

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                I haven't read any "Anita Blake", since the wrap on that is that it's basically vampire porn and has been for several books... so much for "I don't date vampires, I kill them". I will say, I've flipped through a couple of the TPBs, though, and I like the pencils.

                I have no problem with "were-cat", I never really would have bought that there were no other types of shapeshifters than werewolves in the Buffyverse. The one pictured on the cover for Issue #18 is a leopard, I think. I also read the novel "Stray", which made were-cats more believable.

                I wonder if the warrior angel thing is at all inspired by Season 4 of "Supernatural".

                Kate is an awesome character, she's always been one of my favorites. I definitely can't wait to have her back. Maybe they can finally revisit and run with the abandoned romance between her and Angel.
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