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To reset or not to reset.

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  • To reset or not to reset.

    With the current story in the comics where almost everybody dies and the talk about timelines, the question pops up again. Will they press the big red reset button and go back to the past, or will the go on and deal with the mess that is created in ATF?

    What is the right thing to do, and what will happen? Maybe it's also fun to post quotes by Brian or Kelley what can give us (little) information about this all.
    I want a reset and I think that it will happen.
    I want a reset but I think that it won't happen.
    I don't want a reset but I think that it will happen.
    I don't want a reset and I think that it won't happen.
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    Like I said in another forum: As much as Connor's death bummed me out, a reset has the potential of ruining the entire story for me. It's just a very cheap storytelling device, in most cases.

    Also, I remember that Joss's main criticism of Brian's first Angel: After the Fall draft was that the characters were more or less back where they started by the end, the status quo was the same, nothing really changed -- and wouldn't a reset do exactly that?

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      Yes, and wasn't there a quote by Kelley that she is going to 'use' a smaller cast? Brian already told us that she won't use Beta George, and we know that she is creating new characters (or just one?). Well, anyways ... if they reset and she creates new characters, there is no way that the cast is smaller.

      And Brian was talking about characters who changed forever? How can you change when nothing happened?

      I'm also against resets. It's terrible storytelling. DW uses it a lot and it bothers me so much. Of course, it's hard to continue without many important characters but I hope that they will go there.


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        I think the going to a different timeline is going to be very important to Angel's plan and it might give us a character back or something but I don't think it would be a complete reset. AtF events will hold weight somehow, but I do think W&H are not going to see whatever he has planned coming.

        For me it just comes down to how much will be altered, because changing one event could change many others for better or worse so I am still not sure what Angel has in mind. Both he and Wesley are way smarter than I am thus why I am lost in trying to figure out what he is going to do.

        But I do think he is going to have either Gunn or the Slayers kill him so that W&H is forced to take them all do a different point in time. But after that...not sure of anything.


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          It's starting to seem more like a reset is being teased but there will be some kind of twist involved. Everyone has been very vocal on how unsatisfying a reset would be.

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            When did this ever become a concern? I see nothing pointing toward a reset in the preview for Issue #16, at least not for the continuity. Even if they do the "it all happened in one day in the real world" thing, that's not a reset, because the events really happened, aren't just memories of a possible future.
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              I've finally read the Harmony issue which apparently is our first look at L.A. Hollywood post-ATF where it seems to be pretty much the same. That has to be indication that a reset happens to the city if not to the Fang Gang. I can see Angel doing that trick with Gunn killing him over and over again with the Partners crying "uncle." They give him his vampire body, the safety and perhaps resurrection of dying, injured citizens of L.A., and maybe the return of Connor and Groo. However, they insist on stipulations such as Gunn remaining a vampire, Illyria stays a multi-tentacled monster who is put in a holding dimension, and... I think something will happen to Spike. He won't be killed but I think he and maybe Illyria will be temporarily written out of the series. Also, Betta George will probably go back to Mosaic, Groo go back to romance novel cover modelling, and Lorne I think will probably head to Las Vegas where if he doesn't remember what happened will return to having extreme guilt over Lindsey's shooting. Gwen continues her lackluster dating situation with Nate. If Connor returns he might not remember what happens and he goes back to his adopted parents much like he was in "Not Fade Away." That would lead to a smaller cast with Armstrong adding two new characters to replace Fredillyria and Spike.

              The four who fought in the alley would remember all that happened in ATF one way or another. Everyone else will have vague dreams and nightmares. Perhaps, one of the reasons studio executives are so eager to popularize vampires in season 8 is because of dreams of the heroics of Spike and Angel from ATF.


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                Yeah this isn't even a concern.

                A reset would be cheap. It would be shortselling the fans. Why would we bother to keep track of a story that's going to be reset?

                A reset is NOT going to happen. Why? Because Brian Lynch is not a hack. A reset would be the lamest, most stupid thing he could possibly do. I think we should be giving him more credit than this.