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LA in ATF [spoilers for season 8 #21]

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  • LA in ATF [spoilers for season 8 #21]

    In one or two issues we will probably find out what really happened with LA. Maybe it's nice to look at the many theories and try to figure out what happened before we find it out.

    We know;

    1. Many (or all) people who lived in LA are now in hell.

    2. Harmony lives in a normal looking LA in issue 21 of season 8. This takes place a year after NFA.

    3. Beck (who is in las Vegas) checked it out and found out that LA looks normal. George contacting Beck probably means that LA isn't in another timezone because the conversation was possible.

    the theories;

    1. LA and all the people in it went to Hell, they returned and the city is rebuild before season 8 issue 21.

    2. Harmony escaped hell and is now in some kind of fake LA.

    3. Hell-LA is fake and there is nothing wrong with LA. It's all in somebodies head.

    4. There are two LA's, one in hell and one on earth. Some of the people live in hell and the others are fine.

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    Another possibility:

    Hell-A is an alternate dimension like the Wishverse. Perhaps everyone but Angel's team is a duplicate of denizens of the main world with alternate timelines. Perhaps what Angel has to do is unmake W&H's new dimension to get back to the real L.A. A holding dimension, perhaps?

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      Would that erase everything that happened in ATF?

      I think that KoC's (right? or was it somebody else?) theory is fitting. LA is in hell and nobody finds out about it because nobody feels the urge to visit LA or call their loved ones who are in LA.

      1. It looks like Nina put her sister and Amanda on the plane to Mexico. Jill and Amanda need to work and go to school after some weeks, so there must be a reason why they aren't returning to LA. And why wouldn't they call Nina? Or mail her? There must be magic because Jill would notic it when she can't contact Nina.

      2. All the people we know are in hell, also the characters who did nothing against W&H. (Kate, Groo, Gwen, George) How big in the chance that all those characters will be in hell if only some are chosen?

      3. Time seems to go normal (you would expect trouble with George contacting Beck if time was not the same). This means that we're right now somewhere right before season 8 started. There are no troubles with fitting ATF and issue 21 together timewise.

      4. Beck is getting a message from George and does nothing more than switching on the tv finding out that the weather is normal in LA and declares George crazy. I don't know Beck? But normally you would try to do something more than that if you get a message like that.


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        My assumption while reading the comics was that the real LA is in hell, and there's a chimera in its place, that you could visit, but that's basically one great big ginormous glamour - like a holodeck.

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          It's strange, that is right.

          I don't think that LA will come back an will be rebuilt like if nothing happened.

          Maybe the LA that Chuck saw was a fake and the city is really in Hell. That is what I think.
          Maybe, after all that thing, Wolfram & Hart will erase the evenements from the head of the citizens.
          Only Angel's team will get his memory.
          Sorry if you don't understand what I write, I'm french.