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Will Wesley be with Cordy?

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  • Will Wesley be with Cordy?

    Just thought I would start a little conjecture about Wesley's final fate. Will he be with Cordy? Will he be with Lilah? Or will there be a surprise Hallmark ending, and he will be with Fred whose soul survived the resurrection of Illyria and has been waiting for him to move on? Or will he stay chained to Angel, a "spirit" guide?

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    I'm hoping was Wes will be in 'Aftermath' as I think that he is needed. I suppose the best ending for him would be to go into the afterlife and find Fred waiting for him as her soul did survive, but as his body is still in existance I haven't given up hope of a resurrection for Wes.


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      Wesley is one of those tragic figures, I doubt that he would get his happy ending and float around in heaven with Fred. I'm afraid that Fred's soul is no longer there.

      From all the people who died in ATF, Wesley is the only one who really wants to go and what would be more fitting than him being alive one the end of the road? Like I said, Wesley is one of the most tragic characters and will probably stay that as long he is on the show.


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        Fan fic end

        There is a fanfic, called, I believe, Crossroads, that addresses Wesley's fate after death. Basically he finds himself standing on the Ghost Roads referenced in one of the Buffy novels, he is alone and he is dead, he realizes he has a journey before him, he focuses on what he has learned as a Watcher about the Ghost Roads, and remembers that where you wind up at the end of your journey has a lot to do with where you want to go, he makes a decision, and starts walking, fade out. I think it was archived at Actually, I kind of like this ending, it leaves the resolution open to the reader's interpretation. I remember that at one point when Alexis Desinof was interviewed regarding Wesley's afterlife, he commented that he preferred to leave it open to interpretation. That is one of the beauties of a character like Wesley-it is hard to take a neutral view to his actions. I was rewatching Sleep Tight last week. My son commented that Wesley should have told Angel about the prophecy. I pointed out how bizarre Angel was acting and how quickly he could revert to Angelus. My son said he still should have told Angel about the prophecy but commented that the baby probably would have died anyway. My son doesn't even like the show-but still, hard not to take a side or ignore the moral challenges it presents.