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Is Angel strong enough to carry the show, after his supporting cast died?

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  • Is Angel strong enough to carry the show, after his supporting cast died?

    If the writers don't press the big red reset button on the end of the ATF, the cast will lose many of the loved characters. A new cast will form around Angel and the story will go on. But will it keep you interest? Is Angel's story and character enough to keep on reading?

    Let's say that the writing will be good, just lots of new(ish) characters and Angel + one or two members from the old team. Is that enough, or is losing such a big part of the supporting cast too much?
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    Well, at the moment, we've got Angel, Spike, Lorne, and Nina. We have Wes' ghost, possibly. We have the Kelley Armstrong character for "Aftermath". So that's a core of 5, maybe 6, assuming that the new character is an ally not an enemy. Also there is Spider (who may not be dead, we haven't seen anything) and Betta George as possible members of an ensemble.

    So it's not necessarily that the supporting cast is gone. Even if you figure Wesley won't stick around, Spike has been in close to half of the televised episodes of both series, and Lorne has been in something like 50 episodes or so. They're well established characters.
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      I doubt that Wesley makes it, or he should stay W&H's puppet. But he is dead, just like Lilah and Holland were.

      Which leaves us with Nina, Spike and Lorne indeed. Nina was around in season 5, but only in 3 episodes. She is almost a complete new character. Spike is a well known face and probably next to Angel the reason why people keep on reading, but Spike is a new Ats character as well. Lorne is the only character (besides Angel) who was part of AI. And from all those characters, he is the one who was the less 'important' one. He was the funny green guy without a real story and sometimes the lead in a funny episode. He is also the one who took a step back after NFA and is reduced to being a recurring character again. Of course this can change in Aftermath.

      Wesley, Gunn, Cordelia and Fred were characters with a big group of fans, good stories and they all had a real role in the series. They are gone now. And Connor was playing a smaller role on the show but an gigantic role in the lives of Angel and his team.

      This all said, I think that Angel's story and character is enough to keep the story interesting. The last season (second part of season 5 + ATF) was a bit of an overdosis of deaths and a bit less wouldn't be bad. But I think that the story will make it. I do think that it will be important to keep the group small for a while, bond the new team together and we need to know more about Nina and the new werecat character. It helps that Ats was always a show that was all-about-Angel and that the group around him was changing every season. They don't break up a group that was together since the start.
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        Angel's new team??

        I am going to go out on a limb here. Remember when Angel said cue the music and we saw the classic Angel leading his team into battle. We saw Spike, Angel, Ghost Wes, and 3 slayers. I see Angel still in Hell-A but now he is running the show. I see Wolfram and Hart backing off but keeping their hold on Angel and crew. I see Angel concentrating on the mission, no family left with Cordelia UP and Away and Connor dead. Just the mission, with Spike to help him. It was tragic to see Connor gone just when I was starting to like him, but he had found himself and fulfilled his destiny as champion. Also there is no free ride in Whedon verse. Angel purchased Connor's life with an well intentioned but evil deal,evil because he dealt with the SP and evil because he put Cordy and Connor's well being ahead of his friends. I see Wes still there, the SP need a liason and Angel needs a buddy/sidekick, and the slayers need a Watcher, a Ghost Watcher? How does a Watch do his job when his is corporeally challenged?? Just what really defines dead? Wes has no Fred now to obsess over and pulll him away from the mission, no excuses for bad choices, just the need to help Angel and with Angel, the greater good.


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          To be honest I think that I'll still continue to keep up-to-date with what happens in After The Fall since I do still want to find out how the journey of Angel ends. But, if I'm being honest my interest in Angel has been waning since the end of Season 5. Even at that stage there were just so many deaths of characters that I talked about namely Cordelia, Wesley and Fred.

          Yes I know that I probably sound like a fickle fan, but honestly I don't consider myself one as I still had enough interest in the journey of Angel to read After-The-Fall. For me I think comics or even a live TV show without so many characters will be hard for me to read. A part of what makes a show great for me and keeps me watching every week is the development of the characters. I love shows with rich layered characters who's journey we get to watch occuring over the course of a series. To see so many of those characters that I grew to care about and associate with the show particularly Cordy and Wesley who were both nearly there from the beginning does make the show lose some appeal to me.

          I will definately be checking in, but honestly I don't think Aftermath will hold my interest beyond seeing Angel's reaction to having lost so many more people he cares about. Feel free to tell me off for being a ficklish fan if ya want lol...

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            Personally I have never watched Angel for Angel, I watched it because I enjoyed the team that was Cordy, Wes and Gunn. Angel I really didn't care too much about oen way or the other. I enjoyed the journey of Cordy, I actually quite liked Groo, I really loved Liliah. I loved seeing Darla come back and become so much more of a rounded character. Couldn't get enough of Illyria in Season 5, and I'm loving her so far in A:ATF I never watched Buffy for Buffy either, I watched it because I loved Willow, Anya and Giles.

            So for me if I can find a character in the new bunch that I really liked (currently of the new bunsh its Nina) then I'll continue to be interested. But if I can't, I'll probably continue to keep up on it purely to see how it all ends but with no real attachment to any of the characters involved.


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              For me it doesn't work. I will always love Angel, but without Cordy, Fred, wes and the others it's just not the same.


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                Yes, I think that Angel is a strong enough character to carry the show, but I like to see him relate and be involved with other characters on a regular basis, rather than just be solitary - or meeting new characters each adventure. Imho, Angel Investigations had a great mix and there is a danger now, with so many characters having been killed off, that a balance will be hard to establish. I think that Angel, Spike and Lorne will survive into 'Aftermath.' I also think that maybe Wes will make it through. Somehow, I think he's needed - perhaps his body, which has been kept, may be a way to unghost him. Nina and Kate would be great team members although it's almost impossible to replace the incomparable Fred and Cordy.I'd like to see Betta George as a character who 'drops' in form time to time.


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                  I think that Angel is a very strong character, one very capable of holding the interest indeed, it's why he got his own series in the first place. There's huge potential with his character, I really can't see my interest fading on him at all.

                  However, in saying that, there is a danger IMO in killing too many of the supporting cast off in one big swoop then replacing them with a bunch of new characters if that's the writers intentions. A changeover of cast seems to be inevitable in long running series but it needs to happen gradually, character by character, not all at once. There's something very realistic about Ats in how no character is safe, but from this viewer's perspective there's also something lacking in the series in comparison to Btvs, where despite the unrealistic-ness of all their survival the ever present team of Buffy/Xander/Willow gives the show heart and a centre, allowing the remaining cast to change around them. Ats always lacked that, with Doyle being offed so soon, then Cordy and now very likely Wes as well.

                  I'll continue reading but it'll be very interesting to see how they handle it.

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                    Personally I think Angel himself can prety much carry it, especially if Spike is still around, since those two are among the most popular characters of the fandom.
                    But I feel they will overshadow all the others, since Nina seems fairly pale to me, and Lorne always was a bit fo a background character.

                    Wesley continuing to re-appear as a ghost? Does anyone else think Obi-Wan here?
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