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Did Wesley help the SP win?

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  • Did Wesley help the SP win?

    In Wesley's story of First Night, as he walked away into Hell-A, the Conduit and the SP commented that Wesley was the reason they would win. The Conduit said he was a noble sort and even though he had his eye on the prize he would do the right thing. Was this fulfilled in the defeat of Illyria by Wolfram and Hart? Wesley hoped that the being brought back even by the SP would give him a chance to be with Fred, but it was his memories that held Illyria's attention long enough for the SP's soldiers to defeat her. and in the process, destroying what little was left of Fred. Welsey did do the right thing but now he can never even pretend to be with even a remnant of Fred. Is this the reveal we are looking for or is there more to come?

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    Good thinking, and I already forgot about that line. I actually hope that Wesley helping the SP win is a bit more exciting than this, but it would work. If this is the end of Illyria (what it probably is), SP won a big battle. But we shouldn't forget that everybody who doesn't want to die won. It's not like the plan failed or that it was stupid to do. I still hope that it's something else (especially because it was Angel's plan and also Spike's memories helped destroying Illyria).


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      Well, I think the key here is that we don't know what goal the Senior Partners are referring to. Is it:

      1) Angel being on the side of evil in the Apocalypse.


      2) Defeating Illyria and destroying the shell of Fred.

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