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The writing for ATF is finished and Lynch posted two panels.

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  • The writing for ATF is finished and Lynch posted two panels.


    ANGEL:AFTER THE FALL # 17 has been written in bits, kinda like chapters and such. I write a few pages, and when the "scene" comes to an end, I send it off to Franco.

    Well, the last few pages were sent in last night. Now I can just sit back and rest easy and enjoy the pages as Franco draws'em and sends'em in. Of course there will be proofreading and writing stuff for the trade, but the bulk of the work, the heavy lifting, it's all done on my side.

    I'm sure a longer, more thought out emotional post about this experience will come eventually as we get closer to our last two issues coming out, but for now, let me just say thank you to everyone who read it, got excited about it, talked to me about it, and supported the book. It was a long, fun, stressful, insanely rewarding road.

    The funny thing is, as soon as I send in the pages, Franco and I start talking about what we're doing next. He misses Beck and Tok. So do I.
    Brian's blog = the source of course


    No spoilers in the text or picture so I didn't use the spoiler warning. He seems to hint that he is thinking to write more about Beck and Tok. (question; Was one of those two the girl that was contacted by George?)

    As somebody who is no big fan of Franco's art (although the coloring in the last issue made it a lot better), I've to admit; I like the panels.

    (btw, maybe Angel needs some other clothes. If I remember correctly he is wearing a blouse every issue. I know that Angel wore a lot of blouses, but he also wore hoodies and shirts.)
    and her haircut.
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    Yeah, Beck was the Brunette that George tried to contact outside of LA.

    I loved Urru's work.

    I can't wait for the conclusion of After the Fall and I swear to God this time I'll remain Spoiler Free. I mean it this time.

    As for the same clothes, I guess this goes to show that it all happens over a short period of time. I don't know about you guys but I smell a shanshu cooking.


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      I knew that was Beck when I did the transcript, but I didn't know the other characters' names. Also, in general, I try not to give any characters names until they are revealed in the story or identify speakers until we see them.
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        Thanks for answering.

        This was posted by Brian Lynch over on Whedonesque;

        Disagree, slightly, Pat. I think of AFTERMATH as the next story for the characters. ANGEL:AFTER THE FALL has has an ending, there's not a cliffhanger at the end of 17 or anything.

        I think of AFTERMATH as a sequel. At the end of AFTER THE FALL, characters are in a weird place (emotionally or physically? Hmmmm?) and AFTERMATH will deal with that. I kind of envy Kelley for getting to deal with some of the stuff that is set up, but now I get to sleep!

        And that image is most definitely one of Franco's first ANGEL pics, yessir. I think it's in the first hardcover? Not sure.

        And we're not doing an ASYLUM II or anything. But that doesn't mean the characters can't make an appearance somewhere...
        He already said something like this before; the emotionally part I can get, but I'm curious what Brian means with "physically in a weird place".