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Is killing Connor out of the question?

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  • Is killing Connor out of the question?

    I always try to figure out which character won't die. And the most of the time Connor is on the list with characters who are 'safe' (he already died 'twice' & it would be a gigantic slap in angel's face). Only a while ago I heard that the original plan was to kill Connor in 'Home', so he was/is not on the safe list.

    Do you think that the writers would go there? Killing the most important person in Angel's life, the only thing that really went right in his life. We know that the writers love to torture Angel, but would they go this far?

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    As I said just now on the IDW forum I'd personally be surprised If any of the major players get topped. I doubt If any comic book company would voluntarily shoot themselves in the foot by getting rid of a character that might help draw in the paying public.

    And I view Connor as being just that.


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      Wasn't Joss turning down the first version of Brian's story because there weren't enough deaths? I'm expecting a big death and not one that we could see coming (like Wesley or Gunn who are both already dead). And because Angel will survive, Spike & Illyria are reasons for lots of people to read the comics and Nina and Groo are minor characters and no big shocks ... I think that Lorne or Connor are the main candidates to be killed.

      I don't think that they are afraid to kill Connor, Connor doesn't has a huge fanbase. And Ats was never afraid to kill of characters. But I don't believe that they will, losing Connor will drive Angel completely over the edge (again) and it will complete their 'nothing goes right in Angel's life ... ever' story. Which is just stupid, because nobody's life sucks that much.


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        Well, I suspect this might happen. After all, Angel has already more or less lost everything throughout the show. Connor was taken from him twice already, once by Holtz (and he was as good as dead to him then), then he had to give him up in order for him to survive and have a normal life.
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