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Cover and sollicitation for issue 19 [spoilers]

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  • Cover and sollicitation for issue 19 [spoilers]

    Angel #19
    Kelley Armstrong (w) • Dave Ross (a) • Gabriel Rodriguez, Nick Runge (c)

    As Angel and the remaining survivors from their sojourn to Hell attempt to rebuild their lives and find purpose once again, they must also contend with the threat of a vengeful Lord, a mysterious cat-changer and a winged being from beyond…

    Intersting blurb and cover, not only do we know that they returned from hell, Angel is also a vampire again. I've to accustom to the comic style of Gabriel Rodriguez (he looks a bit like count Dracula here.). But really, paparazzi ... I see that Harmony really changed the world. Angel must be a famous person now, Cordelia would be so jealous.

    And not until now I noticed the demon claws, demon paparazzi?
    and her haircut.
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    I read that as Angels now a celebrity amongst the Demon population after his adventures in Hell.

    Not keen on the cover, but unless the artwork is totally misleading (which it well may be) it does indeed look like he's a Vampire once again!


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      Also possible, tat makes me really curious t othe outcome of ATF. Because if they return from hell I can't see why the demons would like him so much.

      And what's with the red eyes. First Nina and now Angel. Werewolfs and vampires have yellow eyes. [/nitpicking]


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        I don't really want Angel to become a vampire again, but if he doesn't won't it just be like I Will Remember You all over again? And I can't see him letting Spike and Connor do the fighting for him, especially from the insights we had from Soul Purpose and the ATF issue with him being an old man while Spike and Connor save the day.

        But, it is highly likely that the cover has nothing to do with the content of the issue, as we have seen before, I guess we'll find out soon... or in a while.

        So, is this the Angelverse and Buffyverse connecting once more? It would probably be an ideal time and would explain why Harmony's in LA and the time-difference between the two series.


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          I would love to see the Buffyverse and the Angelverse sync up at least timeline-wise. They don't need to merge and be all crossover-y, but it would be great if big events in either verse were felt in the other (which is something that rarely happened even on the shows).

          Also, I really hope this cover is symbolic, because I want Angel to stay human!


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            For everybody who wants Angel to stay human;

            a little bit hope;

            Originally posted by Brian Lynch at Whedonesque
            People shouldn't take the covers TOO literally...