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Can somebody explain this to me?

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  • Can somebody explain this to me?

    Why is everybody so certain that Angel current state has nothing to do with the Shanshu prophecy? He became human after some plagues and apocalypses, which is the prophecy. Still Wesley and Angel are quite sure that it isn't the Shanshu. Did I miss something?

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    I think it is not the Shanshu because in that case, it's not really a reward, it happens when Angel don't want to be human (in that Apocalypse).
    When we watch the whole thing, we can see that when Angel became human, he was teleported, the same thing that happened to Coonor, who, at this time got his memory back, Spike was teleported too and his wounds disapeared. The three of us were moved by teleportation. Wolfram & Hart did that.
    Why they made him human ? I really don't know.

    But the Shanshu prophecy is not really clear. Maybe Wolfram & Hart have a role to play in that prophecy ...
    but I think that was not his Shanshu.
    Beside, the vision shows him as a vampire.
    Sorry if you don't understand what I write, I'm french.


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      I think they assume it because they'd always assume the Shanshu was a reward and the PTBs would be responsible. However, while the oracles very vaguely implied that if the PTBs were responsible for his humanity it would be because he averted the apocalypse, it doesn't mean they are the ones who are going to grant him his humanity.

      To me the Shanshu is an occurance (much like the Troclon) but I don't remember it being clear that it's a reward, only that it will happen after he or she plays a major role in the apocalypse. Which side the vampire was going to be on, was always a mystery so therefore, why would we assume it's going to be a reward?


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        Why they made him human ? I really don't know.
        To make him weak and vulnerable at the worst possible time is my take on it.


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          And if Angel is the vampire in question, he can't play any role as long he is human; so W&H have more time to do whatever they want to do first.

          But maybe somebody can help me out, because in my head the prophecy about the vampire who plays a big role in the apocalypse isn't the same as the prophecy about the Shanshu. And the reward was never a fact right? No oracle or prophecy ever talked about a reward. Which is why I'm confused so much, there is no reason to believe that this isn't the shanshu. Angel is human and he survived those plagues and other big fights.


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            I agree (surprise) with the posters - it should come as a reward and not at the worst time possible.

            I also have an original thought that perhaps it's also to give him a flavor of what it would be like or to offer the temptation of not fighting on the good side if it's going to make him a helpless human who can not help in the big fight. Kinda like the negative side of wanting something so badly. There will be costs to pay and does he want that? It will be the decision he will need to make someday - this is a precursor of what it could be like when he makes the "right" decision.
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              I thought Wesley died. I'm confsued. I guess I should be keeping up with the comics...
              Every Slayer has a death wish. Even you.
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                Wesley is dead, but just like Holland in 'Reprise' and Lilah in 'Home', he is still around due his contract with W&H.