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Wesley spirit guide to the stars?

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  • Wesley spirit guide to the stars?

    I love Wes I really do, but isn't time for him to move on already. Ok he makes a great "guide"? for Angel, but Angel needs to move on to the living. Talk to Spike, talk to Connor, for God's sake, talk to Groo, but for the sake of everyone's sanity, enough with the monologue, broken up by Wes doing some cheerleading. I thought maybe Angel After the fall would conclude with Angel's heroic sacrificial death but now we have him posing with cheetahs on rooftops. Therefore, he needs a new team, new friends, new whatever fulfills his lame emotional needs. If Wes is not going to become corporeal again, let him go home and be with Cordy. I'll look forward to and enjoy further stories aobut him in Smile Time and Stubbly Wes shown in a spoiler on Whedonesque for a new 3 part mini series in 2009. But as much as Ilovewesley it was a perfect tragic human Jossverse death for him in Not Fade Away. Let's not cheapen it. Time to move on.

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    I really love Wesley but I think that his story is done. We saw the complete destruction of Wesley Wyndam Price and I'm afraid that there is not much more left for the poor guy. The writers dared to kill all the main characters and I hope that they stick with it. Connor, Lorne and Spike are still there and Nina has enough potential to become a good character. The leopard gave me hope that they have the courage to move on because I think that the leopard is a new character.

    But didn't we know the moment that they introduced 'Angel; Aftermath' that Angel would survive. It's not possible to go on with his story without Angel.


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      You can't have Angel Aftermath without Angel. I agree, hopefully, Angel will be human and continue to be challenged by the demands of champion without superpowers, that he will explore what it means to be human and good without the angst and melodrama of vampiredom. It is his journey and the peopel who follow him on the way that keeps us interested, and how his journey and struggles help others to find themselves and explore their destinies, much like Fred, Gunn, Wesley, and Cordy were challenged to give their all for the good fight because of Angel and his quest.


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        Sorry, but I don't think they've done everything they can possibly do with (or to) Wesley. I think he still has some stories left in him.

        "If there is no great glorious end to all this, if nothing we do matters, then all that matters is what we do."
        "Nothing in the world is the way it ought to be. It's harsh and cruel. But that's why there's us. Champions."


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          Granted you can pull a few more angsty stories out of Wesley, but it borders on fan fic.
          As much as I love my Wes, for the sake of Angel's saga, and it is Angel's saga, plot and characters have to keep moving. Wes is turning into the Greek commentator or whatever it is called in Greek tragedy, he has been too pivotal for too much of Angel's story to turn into that. Either resurrect him or move him on!