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The best scenes of Ats.

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  • The best scenes of Ats.

    Which 5 scenes were the absolute highpoints of Ats. Scenes with perfect acting, writing and directing.

    For me;

    1. The scene in the elevator in 'Reprise'. A chilling, well written message by the already dead Holland. Angel who is losing all his faith and really breaks. And I love to cheat, so I include the desperate sex with Darla. Talking about a fallen angel.

    2. The roofscene in 'Lullaby', a beautiful scene with great acting from both actors but especially from Julie Benz. Again a great dialogue and it's really beautifully shot.

    3. Cordelia's last goodbye in 'You're Welcome'. the directing isn't spectaculair but it's so awfully heartbreaking when these two characters have to say goodbye to eachother. I think that here the emotions are what makes this scene so beautiful; it's well written and directed but the emotion of the viewers and that of the actors is what makes this scene so incredible powerful.

    4. Connor's monologue in 'Peace Out'. This is a very beautiful shot scene with a great monologue. But it's Vincent's acting that makes this scene one of the greatest scenes I ever saw on tv. I forget sometimes about this line because it's not the centre of the episode, nor is it the last scene. It feels like a random scene in between, but that doesn't make it less beautiful and I think that this is maybe the best acting in any Ats and BtVS scene

    5. The last scene in 'Forever'. David is amazing in this whole arc, but this scene together with Alexis is so powerful and beautiful acted. Also the writing is amazing. And again those emotions.

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    For me :

    1. Connor's birth.
    Agreat scene I can watch again and again !!!

    2. Dru sires Darla in front of Angel ! what an amazing moment !!!!!!

    3. Holtz get Coonor and jump into Quar Thot !!
    Poor Angel !

    4. Fred's death !
    Every time, I have a tear fallen ! ^^

    5. THe extraordinary scene between Angel team against The Beast ! And the end when Angel watch Connor and Cordy ...
    Sorry if you don't understand what I write, I'm french.


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      best scenes

      1. First would have to be the beast beating the crap outta faith, being way to strong for her and the shower scene where she breaks down after the fight is incredible because she's never had someone that strong come up against her.

      2. Connor's birth, the way darla sacrificed her life for him because she knew he was slipping away and there souls being connected was just a great way to describe motherhood even if she was a vampire, and the kind of love that he she got to experience.

      3. Lornes Memory Spell that made the gang turn into teenagers was just hilarous and Angel being frightened of a car, simply had me in stiches

      4. Cordelia being a princess in pyliea was heapz funny

      5. Freds death was just heart breaking watching her fight and slowly fading away to nothing but a shell and the look on lornes face when he hears her sing to wesley


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        I thought about it, but I really can't decide, and I'm bound to forget some scenes... so I think I'll save answering that for the big re-watch.
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          1. Fred?s death. So heartbreaking and well-acted.
          2. Elevator scene in "Reprise". Talk about "raise the bar". This is beautiful.
          3. Darla and Angel in "Dear Boy". That whole scene in the tank was beautiful, and exceptionally well-acted. "God doesn?t want you, but I still do".
          4. Drusilla biting Darla in front of Angel. I just get chills!
          5. Darla sacrificing herself for Connor to be born. That ep has the most beautiful photography I?ve ever seen.


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            1. The Elevator Scene - Reprise

            2. "You're A Dead Man, Pryce" - Forgiving

            3. Doyle's Posthumous Video - Hero

            4. Spike's Monologue In The Deeper Well - A Hole In The World

            5. "Lets Kick Some Puppet" - Smile Time


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              1. "Why do you think I let him out, you stupid bitch?" - Calvary
              Not the best, but my personal favourite scene. Just such a perfectly shocking end to a brilliant episode.

              2. "Let's go to work." - Not Fade Away
              Pretty much sums up the entire show. Loved the overwhelming shot of the huge army approaching the gang.

              3. Holland Manners in the elevator - Reprise
              Everyone else has said all that needs to be said about this scene. Just amazing writing, and I always loved Holland's character.

              4. Earthquake. Fire. Blood. - Loyalty
              I was sooo shocked after this scene. The episode just boiled with intensity overall and this as a viewer sent me over the edge. The earthquake, fire and blood all coming true, the blood dripping on Baby Connor and Angel's creepy line following - "at least I woulda had something to snack on." I just stared at my screen in amazement after this episode.

              5. Living Dead Girl - Five By Five
              I'm talking about the scene where Faith pretty much beats the crap out of an entire bar of people, causing fights among others and eventually just dancing around the chaos. It showed really well how crazy Faith is at this point, and Rob Zombie's aforementioned song fits the scene perfectly.

              Honorable Mentions:

              Mindreaders, Blind Date
              Darla's sacrifice, Lullaby
              Angel vs. Faith, Five By Five
              Wesley's death, Not Fade Away
              "Somehow I just can't seem to care", Reunion
              Final scene, Smile Time
              Final scene, You're Welcome
              Illyria kills everyone, Time Bomb

              There's just too many! I honestly could make like...a top 100 list, but it'd be too hard to order


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                In no particular order. And it is possible that I could change my mind in a week.

                The Elevator Scene Reprise
                "Now, I don't think that's true. Be honest. You've got the tiniest bit of "give a crap" left... Otherwise you wouldn't be going on this comacosy mission. "

                "Stupid Plastic piece of crap" Smile Time.

                "She'll be back soon... and when she does she'll... she'll have presents. For Connor. And he's gonna be here so she can give them to him. Okay?"
                Angel Telling Fred why not to call Cordy in Forever. Great delivery

                Fred's Death Blows me away everytime. In that same episode when Ange says "Winifred Burkle" A Hole in the World

                Angel Giving Conner a stern talking to in Deep Down
                "What you did to me was unbelievable, Connor. But then, I got stuck in a hell dimension by my girlfriend one time for 100 years, so a few months under the ocean actually gave me perspective. Kind of a M. C. Esher perspective. But I did get time to think... about us... about the world. Nothing in the world is the way it ought to be. It's harsh, and cruel. But that's why there's us - champions. Doesn't matter where we come from, what we've done or suffered, or even if we make a difference. We live as though the world is as it should be, to show it what it can be. You're not a part of that yet. I hope you will be."

                ===Quote of the day===
                "To read makes our speaking English good"



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                  I really cheated and did 9 instead of 5.

                  In no specific order, that would be too frakking hard.

                  1. "Reprise" - A Living Hell - Sex - I cheated like Nina, cause both scenes NEED to be said. These scenes are just....

                  2. "Five By Five" - Kill Me! - Faith pleading to Angel to kill her in the alley was just a heartbreaking scene, and Eliza should have gotten an emmy. I totally felt for Faith. I always really liked Faith, but this is the time when I started to LOVE her. LOVE her.

                  3. "Dear Boy" - Darla/Angel Scene - The one where Angel steals Darla and in the parking garage? Was that what it was? Anyways, I know this is a scene not everybody really notices, and I think it's supremely underrated, cause seriously. Julie Benz and David Boreanaz do such an amazing job here. *claps*

                  4. "Reunion" - And Somehow, I Just Can't Seem To Care - Stunned me. Frakking stunned me. Loved it so much, and I could not believe they pushed Angel that far. Something I could understand, but still! He just sentenced about thirty people to their death!

                  5. "Dead End" - L.A. Song - Sorry, but I loved this song! When Lindsey sang in Caritas, wonderful scene. Adding it just for the fun of it.

                  6. "Lullaby" - Birth/Rooftop - Again, a cheating thing going on here. The birth of Connor is beautiful in the rain with Holtz and his crossbow, and AWW Fred was there, and Julie Benz blew me away in both scenes, only to be killed, and I was like NOOOO! One of the best episodes in television.

                  7. "Benediction" - Final Scene - Holtz's letter and Connor racing to his father as Angel reads it in his car Dude, such an underrated scene. But so beautiful.

                  8. "Calvary" - You Know.... - You know what I'm talking about. That end. You know great.

                  9. "Not Fade Away" - Let's Get To Work - The final scene blew me away with a scene that went to Angel's core.


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                    Okay so just 5 eh?

                    For this post I think I will go with the moments that made me literally gasp. Not shocking that most of the scenes are pretty powerful. One may not be necessarily epic but it is a personal happy for me.

                    The first and foremost is Darla sacrificing herself for her and Angel's baby. Maybe I am just dense but I never saw it coming. I was wondering who or what was going to intervene for them, to make it better or was this going to be one of those all time gut wrenching moments where I had to watch Angel mourn the son he would never know.

                    And then Darla says this: "This baby is the only good thing we ever did make sure to tell him that."

                    And all of the sudden I see Darla do something I thought I would never see, sacrifice for others, for her child. It was AMAZING!

                    Now the rest in no particular order

                    -Angel standing just outside the room full of lawyers and simply stating "And somehow I just can't seem to care." I was so proud of Angel...because it was so wrong, yet so beautifully human of him. And bless Juliet Landau for her beautifully haunting "Daddy." I just love that scene so much.

                    -Angel attempts to kill Wesley in the hospital bed. I have spoken about this scene many times before so I won't torture you with rehashing my old statements, but it was just so brilliant, I was so shocked and Alexis and David just were stunning in that scene.

                    -Scene in City of.. where he looks at Russell, in front of all those lawyers at Wolfram and Hart and says "Can you fly?" As much as I had loved Angel on Buffy I was pleasantly surprised by his "bad assness" in that scene, their are so many good moments in that episode but for some reason that is where my anticipation for the series truly hit and I was all his

                    -Cordy gets caught...after suffering with Cordy getting away with all this stuff, watching her become so evil I can't tell you how pleasantly surprised I was to see the lights go on as she sneaks up on Lorne and turn around to see Angel standing there. And Lorne makes it even more fabulous with "Has Cordy been a bad girl?" *Shakes magic 8 ball* and the audience sees it reply "yes".

                    And because I can never truly obey the rules...sorry Nina

                    -Doyle's sacrifice-I saw his face, I knew it was coming but the way Doyle was so brave and took time to kiss Cordelia (later to find out he gave her his gift) the whole time I was in denial that is was going to happen. And then he was gone...and we got to rewatch the video- "Is that it? Am I done?"


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                      I forgot the final scene of Forgiving on my list! That would be #2.

                      Good call on the final scene from Players. Seeing Cordy run even more circles around the gang would've been too ridiculous, especially given her total obviousness as a villain since Release.


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                        1) Doyle's tape in the end of Hero
                        2) Elevator scene with Holland Manners in Reprise
                        3) Cordy and Angel in You're Welcome
                        4) Final scene of Not Fade Away
                        5) Wesley burning Lilah's contract in Home
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