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Covers issue #17 (ATF) & issue #18 (Aftermath)

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  • Covers issue #17 (ATF) & issue #18 (Aftermath)

    Issue 17:

    (very big picture)

    Issue 18:

    I still can't get over Franco's Nina. Red eyes and the way she moves. *shudder* She looked very normal the last time we saw her, not like some creepy animal. I prefer Runge version; a bit animal-like but still very human. The same for Mooney's Nina (or was that also Runge, I can't remember). Well at least she still has her sweater.

    But I like the cover, I'm not a big fan of Franco's art, but this is one of his best covers. Especially Cordy and Kate are looking great.

    The issue 15 cover, I'm not sure. It's a good cover, only Angel's face is a bit off. And they are still in hell?
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    Great cover for issue 17. I cannot wait for the finale! It's gonna be hardcore. WTF is up with the cheetah on issue 18?

    i love Kate and her Big Frakkin' Gun.


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      About the leopard (or cheetah, I can't tell the difference);

      Kelley Armstrong already revealed that one of her new characters will be a werecat. I assume that the leopard is the werecat. Clearly werecats become real animals and not a hybrid like werewolfs.

      I love how the leopard is painted btw, it's perfect.


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        I still can't get over Franco's Nina. Red eyes and the way she moves. *shudder* She looked very normal the last time we saw her, not like some creepy animal.
        I think that was to help portray that Nina is effected differently in Hell then anywhere else. Partly because both the moon and the sun are permanently up. I think this was explained in the first issue If memory serves me well.


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          I'm aware of that, but I think that Franco's Nina is a bit too extreme. And the person who colored this cover gave her red eyes, which doesn't make it better. (There weren't red eyes before, were there?)

          In the last issues we saw her, she was more humanlike; she had some weird movements and it was clear that she wasn't herself but she wasn't creeping around on the ground.

          I guess that it's all about what somebody prefers, I like the more subtle wolf!Nina.


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            I agree with Nina about Nina, but love the rest of the cover (I even have it set as my computer background). I'm really looking forward to the end of After the Fall and the beginning of Aftermath. The artwork on #18 is more cartoon-like and that’s going to take some getting used to because I’m used to the hard edges and darker art of After the Fall, but every time there is a new artist, they get a bunch of slack until people get used to them. Just like how everyone got on Urru for his artwork but now complain when he’s not drawing the book.
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              The Gabriel Rodr?guez cover with Angel and the leopard isn't the same artist that is going to be doing the inside of Aftermath. He's just a cover artist for this issue.

              There will probably also be an alternate cover.

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                Yes, Dave Ross is the inside penciler and Nick Runge is making one of the covers.