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    I remember that in I will remember you, the demon that got his blood mixed with Angel?s said that the apocalypse was coming and the Oracles confirmed it. I don?t know why but I got the feeling that they were talking about Buffy?s season 5 apocalypse becasue the oracles also said that the slayer would die. Anyway I want to know your oppinions, was he talking about the far distant ahead apocalypse of W&H in After the Fall or the theoretically good apocalypse of Jasmine?

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    I doubt they gave it that much thought -- the looming badness was pretty much constant in "Angel", and what the Mohra demon referred to could have meant any of it. Starting with Season 3, "Angel" really starts abusing the credibility of the great battle idea with the Troaclan thing, then Season 4, and then "no really, we mean it this time" in Season 5. And, really, "After the Fall" only delivered it for LA. Although, (spoilers through "Angel: After the Fall" Issue #14")
    since Illyria has basically decided to collapse time altogether, maybe that counts?
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      I always assumed it was on of Sunnydale's apocalypses... Season 7 perhaps? But there were no dark soldiers there....
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        I think that Lindsay was right when he said that is was already going on. The big apocalypse Angel plays a role in is coming. It's one big theme in Ats, every season they were talking about the final/big apocalypse. Why would this be different?

        I doubt that it had anything to do with BtVS, those apocalypses are nothing compared to what is coming in the future. At least that's the feeling I get from the series.