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  • Troclon

    Well I don?t know if the Troclon prophecy is spelled this way or not but you get the point. So where do you think it began? With the vampire with a soul, then holtz then the miracle child? And where did it end? When Connor was born or is it tied to the events of season five and after the fall. Cause supposedly the troclon was a group of events that would bring forth the fall of man kind or something. And man kind did not exactly fall when Connor was born.
    And do you think is this prophecy tied to the one that talks about Sahjan and Connor?

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    The Tro-Clon is described as a confluence of events. The Tro-Clon is the arrival of Darla, Connor, Holtz and Sahjhan all at once.

    The Nyazian prophecy, which includes the Tro-Clon, is the one that says that Connor will not be born and there will be death. It also says that Connor will grow to manhood and kill Sahjhan (Sahjhan did a rewrite of this part).

    The Scroll of Aberjian is the one that contains the Shanshu prophecy and the words of Anatole.
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