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    What were the real plans of the Circle, because I think with the new focus of After the Fall, one would think that their purpose was more than to corrupt and spread evil and keep Angel busy running the firm. What were they doing all this time? Did they have to play an important role in Hell A and was cut short by Angel? Or was it something completely different?

    An on another completely different subject I just started seeing season 4 again, and I can?t help to miss Lilah!!! Like a lot, would you think she?d ever come back? (Pleas lie to me)

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    Brian is almost done with his comics, maybe you can corrupt Kelley Armstrong with cookies so she brings Lilah back?

    I think that they were planning the apocalypse. They were W&H's best soldiers on earth. Corrupting Angel was one of their jobs. They created the situation the senior partners wanted. But I don't know if they knew much about the big plans. They knew about the apocalypse, but I'm not sure if they knew how and when.


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      I agree with Nina there, the way I understood it, the Circle consisted of the Senior Partners' most valuable and reliable henchmen, those to organise the apocalypse in their name. Taking them all out was dealing the Senior Partners a serious blow.
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