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The Beast & The Circle of the Black Thorn

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  • The Beast & The Circle of the Black Thorn

    When the Beast attacked in season four and killed all of the employees of W & H do you think in some offscreen part he killed also the members of the Circle of the black thorn? Because I think the Senior Partners don?t care all that mucho about the branches as of the real machine of the apocalypse, which is the circle. And if the beast did it do you think the circle got new members or were they return from the dead. Or did the Beast never touched them and they ran to another dimension before it could.

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    The Beast, who was just a lackey for Jasmine (as Angelus pointed out), killed seemingly just all the lawyers, paralegals and secretaries--the employees--that worked for W&H. The Circle of the Black Thorn are higher up on the food chain and are only affiliated, rather than employed. Also, it was made pointedly clear that everyone that the Beast went after had been killed; even those that weren't at work.

    Cyvus Vail, Senator Helen Brucker, Archduke Sebassis, Izzerial the Devil, Ed of the Fell Brethren, the Sahrvin clan, etc... certainly weren't taken out. And of course, the Senior Partners that are out of the dimension like Mr. Suvarta weren't gone after.

    It seems that some demons became Jasmaniacs and others (ones who clearly knew about Jasmine's influence) didn't (the people-eating demon that Fred killed).

    Jasmine just needed to hobble W&H so they couldn't stop her before she got born (after that everyone would be hers), but she never got much further than the human employees of the L.A. branch. And we know about the offices in Rome, Muncie and the Home Office in Hell, the W&H presence in Pylea and the satellite office in the Balkans. Plus, dead employees of W&H don't actually stop working for W&H. They just get moved to the Home Office as dead them or they get ghosted.

    Jasmine didn't really do much with W&H except for interrupting the L.A. branch until she could get born. Lilah seems to have been the highest ranking person that got killed. The Circle of the Black Thorn is surely above Holland, Linwood and Lilah. They were already restocked and redecorated the day after Jasmine's spell was broken.

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