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The army on issue 15

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  • The army on issue 15

    Well somewhere at some point I read that someone said that the army we see in the preview pages of issue 15 is not from W & H so that makes me ask you. Who do you think they are? Because by the looks of the picture they ARE an army they seem to be wearing similar clothes. I also took into account that it could be the citizens of LA but they don?t seem to armysh and the spikettes wear a different uniform. Do you think that a third force is entering hell with some purpose, could it be the army of Illyria somehow been drawn into this time line before being destroyed. Any guesses?

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    Wesley already told Lorne in one of the early issues that bigger forces than W&H are around and that W&H don't have any control over the situation. Maybe their army is the one that is defeated by Angel? But that said, I'm not sure how Angel can create such a massacre all by himself. I can't wait for next month to find out what actually happens.


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      Probably a long shot, but maybe we're seeing the aftermath of Illyrias rampage?


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        I don't know, is she (it?) capable of beheading demons and put their head on a pike? Or more importantly, would she spend time doing that?


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          I said it was a long shot.