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  • Issie 17 + 18 (Aftermath) blurbs + artists

    ANGEL #17

    Written by Joss Whedon and Brian Lynch, art by Franco Urru, covers by Urru and Alex Garner.

    At the conclusion of the Angel TV series, Los Angeles and all its denizens were cast into a hellish dimension. Since then, Angel has sought redemption while dealing with the death and destruction brought on by his actions. Now, Joss Whedon, Brian Lynch, and Franco Urru present the final chapter in Angel's struggle after the fall. But will anyone survive to see the conclusion?

    ANGEL #18

    Written by Kelley Armstrong, art by Dave Ross, covers by Gabriel Rodriguez and Nick Runge.

    Two weeks after the finale of "After the Fall," novelist Kelley Armstrong (The Summoning) comes aboard to explore the many repercussions following the explosive Angel 17. Artist Dave Ross also comes aboard to present the first chapter of "Aftermath," wherein we learn who lived, who died, and who will be forever changed from the experience.

    Nick Runge comes back as a coverartist. I don't know the other Aftermath artists. But I love that there only 2 weeks between ATF & Aftermath. I was afraid that I had to wait for 5 months. And somebody is forever changed?

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    As I said on Whedonesque: okay, now I'm seriously scared. "Who lived, who died, who will be forever changed"...? What the hell happens in the last Angel: After the Fall issue?

    (And huh... They're not using Joss's name in connection with Aftermath, after all?)

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      Yes, the forever changed thing scares the hell out of me, maybe Gunn becomes a soulled vampire (naaaaaah, they wouldn't dare to go that way .... right?), maybe it's just Angel staying human *looks hopeful*.

      I didn't even notice the lack of Joss' name in the credits. weird, it's canon ... you would think that he would do something about it?

      After looking for the artists of Aftermath;
      Dave Ross
      (I think that this is the guy, the first panel looks good)


      Gabriel Rodriguez
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        For the "who dies" part, Gunn seems to be a fairly good tip... but of course that's just me guessing.
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          I agree, I don't think that it's possible to save Gunn (without starting the vampire with a soul story for the fourth time). my guesses are;


          ---already dead---
          Cordy the dragon

          Changed forever can be Illyria (maybe back in her own body?), Angel (he stays human?) or somebody I don't know about.


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            Joss' name isn't necessary -- anyone paying attention enough to buy still knows it's a canon work, and his name was probably only on "Angel: After the Fall" just to get that point across anyway. He didn't do much of the upfront "plotting" of how "After the Fall" unfolded -- basically Lynch took Joss' treatment of Season 6, rewrote it, and idiot-checked his new ideas off Joss.

            Lives, dies, forever changed? No comment on at least some of that yet, but it's worth pointing out, we have no text on Kate being "already dead". In fact, Lynch implied quite the opposite when he said he thinks there are plenty of other stories to tell with her, but that he isn't using her anymore in "After the Fall".
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              I'm happy about that, I really believed that Kate blowed herself up and that would be a waste of her potential.


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                Originally posted by KingofCretins View Post
                He didn't do much of the upfront "plotting" of how "After the Fall" unfolded -- basically Lynch took Joss' treatment of Season 6, rewrote it, and idiot-checked his new ideas off Joss.
                I got a very different impression of Joss' involvement when After the Fall was initially plotted. That Joss and Lynch knocked out a basic outline and the major character arcs, then Lynch scripted each issue by himself with some notes from Joss once the script was completed (shown in the AtF Hardcover extras). Most likely, Joss' direct involvement became limited once the title was up and running (he might not even look at the scripts now, nor maybe past the first few issues), but he was still there to start the ship, help plot it's course and turn over the wheel for Lynch to navigate.

                It's obviously not the same level of involvement as with Buffy Season 8 (nowhere near), but there was still major creative input of the central ideas and major plot points. Really, only Joss and Lynch can say exactly how much each were involved. Credit is a funny thing besides, as there are certain scenes in BUFFY and ANGEL completely written by Joss where he's not credited for writing. The end of Beneath You and the final scene between Angel and Cordelia in You're Welcome being two excellent examples (Fury reveals in the commentary that Joss re-wrote the entire scene and gave it amazing heart).

                So Joss' name isn't attached to Aftermath, huh? I have a feeling that sales for the next chapter of the series might go down respectively. Although, maybe not if Kelley Armstrong's fans pick up the title. I'll still be buying it regardless, but Joss not being involved in any direction of the creative process is a bit of a downer to me. Especially since I've been doing a close re-read of Season 8 and have found so many Joss-goldmines of themes and symbolism. All literary qualities that are strongest in Joss' arcs and standalones issues.
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                  It looks like Mooney is also working on a new miniseries involving somebody with stubble.
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                    Ahw our own Wesley ... how do I miss him. Nice drawing.