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    Well I have been thinking a lot about the relationships between the characters in Angel and how difficult I find to classify or to understand them. I have the major problem with the relationship between Angel and Weasley, because I think with the characters from the beginning like Cordelia and Doyle you can see that there exists and actual palpable bond with Angel. But now, between Angel and Weasley...mmmmm I find hard to believe that they are not friends because they are, but how close are they really, for example I feel that in season number 5 and the end of season 4 a lot of the "stupid things" Angel did (which really are according to your perspective) he did them because he was lacking the real friends. He was stuck with Gunn who I think at times before After the fall, still had a type of grudge against Angel, with Fred who isn?t really that close to me I get that he loved her and everything but she just couldn?t reach him the way Cordy could. And Lorne, well he has insight into Angels soul but again no real confidence.
    So what are your thoughts mainly about the W & A relationship, take into account after the fall, I know W is working for the Senior Partners but he could be more talkative at least with Angel, in general I feel like the two maybe are too similar and that doesn?t allow them to communicate better.

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    some ways too much alike

    Wesley and Angel both have great difficulty expressing their feelings. They are both emotionally damaged and tend to make decisions for others without consulting them. I think that Wesley tries to act as if he were Angel's Watcher, it works better when he takes second in command position but Wesley likes to think he knows best. Angel started as mentor and boss, went to best friend, then the Connor tragedy led to a wound in the friendship that may never completely heal. It is a friendship between two kinds of people who normally would never be friends. Angel is a vampire and Wesley is descended from people who are raised to hunt down and destroy vampires. Plus there is always Angelus lurking in the background. I think the thing that really hurt Angel the most was not that Wesley stole Connor, but that he told Angel he was a man not a demon, and then took Connor away like Angel was only a demon endangering a helpless child. Granted Wesley was manipulated by Jasmine to steal Connor, but it shows that he never truly trusted Angel's humanity and now Angel can never truly trust Wesley. As for Angel after the fall, Wesley really has no choice but to be the Partners' slave even if he does try to work the situation to Angel's advantage. Would there be a future to their friendship if he somehow became corporeal ?? It seems to me that since Wesley has realized that there is nothing left of Fred's soul in Illyria there is nothing left of her anywhere, he has given up, and only seems to Watch others live. He is ready to move on. All I think he wants to see is for Angel to shanshu.


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      well yeah

      I understand what you say about Weasley you are probably right, he might be better off the emotional situations because he is literally beyond that and there is not much of a point for him to get involved that way, he feels more useful trying to help the ones that are still capable of those emotion in a more real way. Some comments on Gunn? I mean the pre-fall Gunn, I think the current Gunn is a complete different character.
      What I mean is that I like to explore the situations of Angel?s friends of the last season, like the one with Gunn that I feel never really got to a level of total trust it just got to a medium level of loyalty. But it seems to me like more of a co workers relationship.


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        I think that they dropped the ball in season 5 when it was about friendships. Because in season 5 I had a hard time believing that the most really cared about eachother as friends. It could fit the season because that's what W&H wanted, but I really hoped that it took some energy to break them apart. But in no time there was no real friendship left.

        About Wesley & Angel;
        I think that they are good friends but not the kind that goes to the movie together. I think that ilovewesley covered a lot. So much happened between these two that it would be weird if they were typical BFF's. In some ways, Wesley became Angel's watcher. Angel needs Wesley to tell him what to do sometimes while Wesley needs Angel has a purpose to go on. They are still friends, but the friendship changed so much that it's hard to recognize as a friendship sometimes. Especially now Cordelia is gone to take them out and open them up.

        Gunn felt inferior to the other guys, Ange lwas stronger than him and wesley was smarter than him. He was Gunn, he could save himself and he had almost never big issues or journeys going on. I think that Gunn felt how we saw him, nothing special ... a nice guy who is always there. But he also felt superior to Angel who was an evil vampire (you see these issues back in ATF). Season 5 made him feel equal to superior to everybody, he knew how to handle everything and he did know stuff while Wesley didn't. Until he fell and found his place in the team again. I think that Gunn is their friend but because Wesley and Angel are both difficult men, the friendship is a bit closed off. And Gunn has a big mouth, but in the end he never makes the plans. He was a former leader but he gave that position up because he felt less than these two others. Angel ended up as his hero, and that's why Gunn is so bitter in ATF. Angel wasn't the hero he believed Angel was.

        The only friendship I really worry about is Lorne's friendship with everybody. It's like nobody sees him as a person.


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          my heart breaks for Gunn

          All Gunn ever wanted was to do good, along the way he got a mentor-Angel, a best friend-Wesley, a girl-Fred. He was as true to them as he could find himself to be. He tried to be something he was not- a lawyer- and paid for it dearly. What hurts the most about Vamp Gunn is that he is everything about Gunn that made him Gunn but nothing about Gunn that made him good. Wesley, enslaved, ridiculed, not trusted, is still himself.

          Sweet Lord, Lorne! A true hero, rises above killing Lindsey, my daughter has never forgiven Angel for making Lorne do that, sorta of like making an Amish kill someone, but yet Lorne makes the closest thing to heaven you can find in hell- for both demons and humans. He is the only one that can be trusted to govern in hell. Nobody notices but Lorne is a true bonefide HERO.