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The scenes with the best acting.

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  • The scenes with the best acting.

    I know, it looks a bit like the Sarah's top 10 thread in the BtVS subforum, but I really liked the idea but I changed it to all the actors, because it was a great cast.

    Who and when showed the best acting on the show? Which scenes were amazing and showed the real talent of the actor/actress.

    some of my favourite acting;

    David & Vincent in 'Home'; when they break down in the mall. Both actors really gave their best in the scene were both characters end up crying and being so hopeless and lost.

    Amy in 'The Girl in Question'; she was switching between Illyria and Fred. And it was such an amazing thing to see. Amy has no trouble changing her moves and voice.

    David & Charisma in 'You're Welcome'; It wasn't just acting anymore because both actors were really emotional. But it gave us one of the most moving scenes in the 'verse. Everytime I see it, I've to cry, I can't help myself.

    David & Alexis in 'Forgiving'; The anger and the shock in the scene where Angel tries to 'kill' Wesley is still one of my favourite scenes. David was amazing as the heartbroken father who lost his son and Alexis who played the shocked Wesley was great sa well.

    Alexis in 'Shells'; I was suprised when I saw somebody post that he believed that Alexis was phoning it in. Because Alexis' destroyed Wesley was amazing. The pain he shows in more than one way is so good. And him cleaning up Fred's desk while talking to Illyria is great.
    and her haircut.
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    Off the top of my head:

    - Julie Benz in Quickening and Lullaby ("Come on! Do it! Do it!") ... ("Angel... Our baby is gonna die right here in this alley. ...You died in an alley, remember?")
    - David Boreanaz and Charisma Carpenter in You're Welcome ("That's gonna be never. I need you here.") ... ("Oh... and you're welcome.")
    - Amy Acker in The Girl in Question ("Stop it, daddy, and come here. Give me a hug. I love you guys so much!") ... ("Yes. It was most informative.")
    - Alexis Denisof and Stephanie Romanov in Salvage and Home ("You don't feel." -- "The only true thing I ever..." -- "You didn't love me!") ... ("Flames wouldn't be eternal if they actually consumed anything. But it means something that you tried...")
    - Sarah Michelle Gellar in I Will Remember You ("A minute? No, no, it's not enough time...!") ... ("I'll never forget, I'll never forget, I'll never forget, I'll never forget...")
    - Eliza Dushku in Five by Five ("Do you hear me? I'm bad! I'm bad! I'm bad. Please. Angel, please, just do it...")
    - Alexis Denisof in Billy ("Yes. I meant to call you back. I'm sorry. ...I'm so sorry.")

    (set made by Francy for me)


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      I will add the wonderful James Marsters in "Damaged" and "Destiny" and agree with:

      Enisy on Eliza in "Five by Five",

      and Nina on Amy in "Shells".
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        James Marsters was good in Destiny and Damage, but those performances are not even remotely comparable to his amazing work in Buffy, which is why I didn't include them. *shrugs*

        I do like his little "Come on, hero, tell me more..." speech and his pseudo-casual "But honestly... I don't wanna hear her bitch about it" in Destiny (especially with the morph to human face), though. Also his comforting tone and body language in his interaction with Dana in Damage.

        (set made by Francy for me)


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          I really have to agree with Amy in TGIQ and both David and Charisma in YW. I also think Julie Benz kind of always have a really good acting.

          Btw do you mean the episode forgiving?


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            David's single best performance is in Forgiving. The scene where he talks about how Cordelia's coming with presents for Connor and nearly breaks down, and of course that amazing final scene. WOW.

            All of the actors are really consistent on this show. Everyone's already said most of my choices - I'd also have to say Alexis Denisof in Spin the Bottle. He's great at physical comedy.


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              Originally posted by prayer View Post

              Btw do you mean the episode forgiving?

              Oops, you're right.

              *edits post*


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                So many good scenes with great acting. Um....I'll say...

                Five By Five - Faith - Eliza Dushku gives some fabulous acting here. And, I mean fabulous. Truly outstanding! One of my favorite scenes ever (I mean the raining scene).

                Dear Boy - Darla - Julie Benz is perhaps the best actress on the show, with Amy, Charisma, and Eliza. Did I just mention all the actresses on the show? Oops. Anyways, Benz plays weak and defenseless to taunting to, it's just amazing the different characters she plays here.

                Reunion - Angel - I've always been critical of Boreanaz's day-to-day acting, but he has these amazing standout performances. This episode is definitely one of them. His transformation into becoming slightly evil is just amazing to watch.

                Reprise - Angel - Again, Boreanaz's spot-on acting. The last scene with Darla just amazes me every time. One of my favorite scenes!

                Billy - Wesley/Gunn - These two as evil is just....frightening. I was shaking right there with Fred. Soooo good. obviously, not as amazing as some of these other performances, but still awesome.

                Offspring/Quickening/Lullaby - Darla - IMO, the best acting of the series. I'm amazed at Julie Benz's acting, and just inspired. She shows pain, and it's just outstanding. Not only that, but it's probably the best arc of the series. And Julie Benz was one of those reasons.

                Forgiving - Angel - Boreanaz being slightly evil again is just perfect in every way.

                Season 4 - Wesley/Lilah - Every scene they have together....just wow.

                You're Welcome - Angel/Cordy - You can so feel the pain.

                A Hole In The World - Fred/Wesley - I'm critical of this episode, but I can't be critiquing this acting...only the writing


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                  David and Charisma in You?re Welcome.
                  Alexis and Stephanie in every scene they have together!
                  Amy and Alexis in A Hole in the World
                  J.August Richards, Alexis in Shells
                  Amy Acker as Illryia


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                    I've always thought that James and David in A Hole In The World are two fantastic performances. The final moment where Spike talks about the hole in the earth while Angel just cries is so powerful.


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                      I forgot one,

                      Vincent Kartheiser in the scene with Connor's monologue in the church where Cordelia is hidden. It's such a powerful and great played scene.


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                        Originally posted by Nina View Post
                        I forgot one,

                        Vincent Kartheiser in the scene with Connor's monologue in the church where Cordelia is hidden. It's such a powerful and great played scene.
                        I?ve almost forgotten that one! Really amazing scene, Vincent really gets me in that scene.

                        I forgot to mention Eliza Dushku in Five by Five and Sanctuary, what an amazing performance.


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                          Vincent Kartheiser is such a good actor and I always never understood why he was such a hated character.

                          Well he was the cause of 50% of AI's problems but he was one of the most interesting characters.


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                            I agree. Connor was annoying sometimes (when he was blaming Angel for being the reason his "life sucks") but Vincent was a very talented actor. He brought a lot of depth to the character.


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                              I don't know what would happen to the character Connor when he was played by an actor with less talent than Vincent. He would probably be the villain. I think that it was Tim Minear who said that Connor would've died if Vincent wasn't the one who played him.

                              I'm not sure if I remember it right, but I believe that I heard or read that Vincent is a goofball, just like David Boreanaz. Which is such a weird thing if you see Connor (and also Pete, his character from Mad Men).
                              and her haircut.
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                                I've heard that as well. I can imagine Vincent being like that (from interviews and such), but he definitely has the whole "dark" thing down for his character.


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                                  Vincent Kartheiser in just about every scene he's in. I'd say Inside Out and Home are standouts.

                                  Amy Acker from A Hole in the World through every Illyria appearance. I think her vocal control is at its best in Time Out. Her abilities of characterisation outstrip every other actor on the show... none of them have ever created such distinct personalities.

                                  Charisma Carpenter in Inside Out. I think she really lets loose here, a jewel in the crown of her 'evil' performance. And all through season 3, such was her charm that she made Cordelia my favourite character.

                                  Those are the three in particular that I'd mention... I've never been convinced by David Boreanaz, I think he's quite a poor actor. It's not really difficult to play a role like Angelus, and in a lot of his Angel scenes he falls flat. Forgiving's not bad though.

                                  I honestly have to say the same of Alexis Denisof, for whatever reason Wesley just doesn't work for me. I'm not sure that I'd expressly blame Alexis but the character always puts me off. He's quite good in Billy though, and in The Price.


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                                    Wesley works 100% for me, even as dorky Wesley, mainly because of Alexis Denisof. He is superb, he has great depths and I love watching him with David, Eliza and Amy.

                                    Another great acting:
                                    Glenn Quinn in "Hero" - The "am I done" tape and "the good fight" speech.


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                                      And I need to put Julie Benz on my list, she was fantastic in Lullaby. Darla is one of the many beautiful played minor characters on Ats.

                                      Holtz is another fantastic played character, the scene where he 'kills' his own daughter is amazing. That one should be on my list as well.


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                                        Originally posted by Saro49 View Post
                                        I've always thought that James and David in A Hole In The World are two fantastic performances. The final moment where Spike talks about the hole in the earth while Angel just cries is so powerful.
                                        Agreed. This is a quiet yet particularly powerful scene.
                                        I'd say the same for the end of "Damage", where Angel and Spike speak about their past crimes for the first time. Very suddenly there is a tangible bond, a moment of trust that develops seemingly out of nowehre as they open to each other for what seems to be the first time.

                                        And if I named other moments now I'd just be repetitive, but I'd like to especially underline Amy Acker's switching between Fred and Illyria as well.

                                        What I like about David Boreanaz is his subtlety, so to say. Angel is a character who often refuses to show emotions, or at least does not show them strongly, bu they are still there. There is a lot under the surface.
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