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  • Illyria's timeslips

    We have seen those quite a couple of times, but what are those timeslips? We know that she takes other characters with her, into the past and future. Interesting was the timeslip where she and Nina went back to the time when Connor was a baby (the little crib in Angel's room). Neither of the characters was there in the time. Fred was, but we haven't seen Illyria slipping back into her memories.
    Also were there timeslips with her in her true form.

    I don't really get it, what is happening when she makes those slips?

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    Well really I don't know how she's still managing to create them as Wesleys device that they used on her in season 5 put a stop to all that.

    I imagine that she causes some kind of rift in time, a tear? and that she can shift backwards and forwards within it.


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      Maybe some of her power is coming back to her. Wesley needed her permission to take her pwoer from her, it wasn't taken by force completely. Her power is part of her so maybe its returning to her slowly. She had powers over time and space, and was able to move between dimensions with her portals so what we've seen so far are things that are within her powerset. Maybe hell has weaken the barriers between her and where her powers are? Perhaps its just a effect of hell thats messing with her head. i can't help but think it'll be part of the way they are able to get out if she becomes more powerful though. Why put them in if they aren't going to be useful at some point.


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        Thanks both, I was really confused.

        I'm still curious how reliable her slips to the future are. We already saw (old) Angel, pink haired Nina and Spike in the future. Spike slipped with her to the future, because he he remembers him killing Spider.I think that the same happened with Nina in issue 12. But the future Angel we saw was not the Angel of the present, he was suprised to see Illyria again.

        And in the most cases she looks like Fred!Illyria, but in the last Spike comic, she looked like herself.

        I really hope that Brian still understands all her timeslips because I need explanations.
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          I still think that the time slips are a hint as to how they get out of hell. She tells Gunn at the end of the last comic that she can fix things. i can't wait to see how After the Fall ends!


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            Isn't Illyria supposed to be "beyond time"? A blending of all dimensions? That's how I have been seeing the time-slips. They sort of incompass several dimensions/and/or time periods. Transdimensional!
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