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  • Angel: Aftermath news & Spoilers

    Spoilers for Angel:Aftermath;

    Kelley Armstrong revealed already that two new characters will join the team. But now she revealed that one of the new characters will probably be a were-cat.

    And Chris Ryall confirmed that the Angel series is going to go well past the 25 issues (17 issues for ATF & at least 8 issues for Aftermath).

    my idea;
    Werecats, it's something we never saw before on the shows, but it isn't a unknown creature. And it's a nice difference with the weredog Nina. Maybe the new character is the anti-Nina? I suspect that it will be a woman. Because something about cats is very feminine and of course the lack of female characters in Team Angel.

    And *yay* more Angel!
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    And another quote by Kelley Armstrong. It was posted on Buffy Boards without a source, so no idea where it's coming from but;

    Hints are hard to give without spoiler-ing. I'll say that I'm working with a smaller # of characters than After the Fall. And I'll be adding a couple to supplement. I could tell you what those new characters are, but I just finished answering a few questions for the editorial page in the January issue, and it's in there, so I'd probably get in trouble for giving it away early
    I'm happy that there are less characters, a small group is easier to read about and more chance to see them develop.