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    1. The three tombstones depicted on Bryan's website are for the final ends to Angel's old team, Wesley, Fred and Gunn.

    2. The spoiler pages for Angel #15 show both Angel and Angelus, I think,that Angel will regain his ability to vamp out, but he will be dual, the human Angel will have a soul, but in the midst of vamping out, Angelus will emerge in vampire form.

    3. Angel will shanshu- the Partners will let him go and his team go-they are more trouble than they are worth.

    4. Aftermath will continue with a new team to launch new ATS adventures.

    5. Surviving characters will be Angel, Spike, Conner and Nina.

    6. Wesley will not become corporeal again-cover 15 shows him clearly see-thru.

    7. Wesley will move on-with Gunn and Cordy-no Fred-will Wesley may find peace but not heaven-no heaven without Fred.

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    I don't think Wesley will ever go away in the franchise. There is still a lot you can do with him, imo. I see Illyria sticking around a bit longer. The character is too new and popular. And darn it, I still want to see something with Wesley and Illyria done. I still want to see more of Illyria dealing with trying to be Fred.

    Gunn is the most likely to stay gone.

    Angel, Spike and Connor are the most definite to stick around.
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      I think that the confirmation that Fred is really dead + Gwen's dead is enough to assume that Nina will be around after ATF. The team needs some normal people and a woman, Nina is perfect to join. Probably in the role as Angel's girlfriend.

      Angel will survive (you can't kill the main character), Connor will survive (he is Angel's everything) and probably Spike. I wish that I could include Wesley to that list, but I fear for his life. Gunn is for me a certain dead, about Illyria I'm not sure. Personally, I'm already a bit tired of her and I'm not positive about her potential to be part of the team especially now Wesley is probably gone. Lorne is probably save, if he dies ... Angel will lose all his friend in less than year, which is a bit too much.

      After ATF, the contracts with W&H will be destroyed which will probably free them all and which means the end of Wesley. And they get out of hell.

      We will find out that W&H overplayed their hand and that killing Drogyn did release some Old Ones. W&H won't be defeated but they have to take a step back.

      The apocalypse is coming to a climax. Angel played his role when he killed Drogyn/making his stand. And him being human in ATF was his shanshu.
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