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The way Angel dealed with Wesley after the kidnap.

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  • The way Angel dealed with Wesley after the kidnap.

    I see often that people blame Angel for the way he reacted towards Wesley after the kidnap. I never got that, so a thread ...

    My opinion;

    Wesley tried to do good, but did a lot of wrong. Angel's son is screwed up for life because of what Wesley did. Something that will always sting, Wesley took away what Angel wanted the most, leading to the moment Angel had to give up his son to save the boy. Because I think that it is save to say that Connor would be a happy boy when he was never kidnapped.

    About the attempted kill, nothing makes that a good move, but I can't blame a father for doing that in the day after losing his son. It's quite a normal reaction when everything is that fresh. It's not like Angel planned to kill Wesley for a while or did it months after when it happened.

    Personally I think that Angel was pretty quick with forgiving the man ... June 5th* was the kidnap, October 12th is the date that Angel was cool with Wesley again. 4 months while Angel spend 3 of those on the bottom of the sea.

    (*) according to the great timeline Nile made.
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    Totally understandable in how Angel acted towards Wesley. In my opinion anyone expecting any different is being unreasonable. I hate it when people list all the things Angel has done wrong, like locking up the Wolfram and Hart lawyers ect, and include Angel smothering Wes with a pillow in that list. What parent wouldn't lash out at someone who *stole their child from them* and *lost that child* and in everyone's belief at that time, *killed* that child. I mean seriously? What father wouldn't lash out at someone who did that? Who can honestly blame Angel?

    Buffy pretty much would have done exactly the same thing it it'd been Dawn, she tells Giles she'll "stop him" if he tries to hurt her.

    Connor was Angel's only son, the only chance he'd ever get at having a son, and Wes deceived Angel and stole him, betrayed his friends and ended up loosing that child and having it go into a hell dimension. It was pretty big of Angel to forgive him.

    Sure Wes was trying to help but he could have went to somebody but he didn't. No matter what, you don't kidnap someone's child like that, especially when at the time the circumstances weren't "do or die." Like I said, Wes could have spoken to anyone, including Angel, about what he read in the prophecy. He chose to keep it to himself and do a wrong thing.

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      Of course Angel would want to kill him for kidnapping his Baby, even if the prophesey had been true. And he was right to. Connor was the only child Angel was ever going to get so hes not going to let anyone take his son from him. The reason he becomes fine with Wes afterwards in because Connor returns.

      Don't get wrong, Wes was totally in the right too. He came a phrophecy that appeared true enough. He cared for both of them and knew what killing Connor would do to Angel. So he snuck away with the kid, giving him to people he believed were interested in Connors well being. How was he to know that Holtz was only interested in distroying Angel with his own son. the reason I think he did tell anyone about the prophecy is because they would have rejected it and told Angel. Then Wes would never be allowed with Connor alone again.

      If I was to put myself in both situations I would react as the characters did. If I was Angel I would at least attempt to end the peron who dare take my child from me.
      If I was Wes, I would have taken the baby away, even from a close friend, in order to save the it.
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        I have no problem with the way Angel reacted. It?s understandable, Angel had a shot at being a father and happy with his life and Wes stole that. But it was a very difficult decision for Wes too. He lost sight of himself with that.
        Angel reacted the way any father would.


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          Angel should have done more. Wes took his son. That's wrong on so many levels. I know he saw that whole prophecy thingy, but he still should've went to Angel and talk to him about it? It was a dumb move on Wes's part and ignorant. He didn't even talk to any of the gang. He just took everything upon himself, which backfired. I still don't know how Angel still remained friends with him.
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            Not sure Angel really tried to kill him to begin with. Why would he use a pillow instead of just snapping his neck? And if Angel was mad enough to kill Wesley, they wouldn't have been able to pull him off so easily. I think it was his way of saying: This is what I think of you now.
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              Good point, one also has to consider that Angel never delivered on his promise, "you're a dead man Price!" which he could have done plenty of times.

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                I don't blame Angel for his reaction to Wes's deed. I don't think he ever intended to kill him or even truly seek revenge. I think that Angel was expecting Wes to have his back with the possible emergence of Angelus. How many times did he see Wes' determination to kill Angelus if needed as "good"? I think what stung Angel was that Wes didn't give him a chance to act, he didn't truly trust him, that was the ultimate betrayal. Watchers screw up sometimes, Giles did and Buffy forgave him, Wes did over and over and Angel forgave him. Leadership role for Wesley not a good thing, second in command maybe.