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Issue #15; sollication [Spoilers]

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  • Issue #15; sollication [Spoilers]


    Written by Joss Whedon and Brian Lynch, art by Franco Urru, covers by Urru and Alex Garner.

    Over a year ago, they were sent to hell. Lives were changed. Friends became mortal enemies. But now they're all reunited, and unsurprisingly, it is not going well. Friends will die, Los Angeles will fall, and the end of everything Angel holds dear is at hand.
    and the cover.

    Urru is back ... and that also means the end of the Runge covers .... noooo! I love the covers made by Runge.

    But the blurb is very interesting ... a year is gone by since NFA, that would mean that ATF is happening at the same time as season 8 (if the time isn't going really weird in hell).

    Friends die (Fred? Wesley? Gwen?), LA wil fall ... the end is really coming. I'm excited.

    The Urru cover in color;

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    Thanks for posting this. Gotta say.. not a big fan of the cover

    But the blurb is very interesting, it sounds very doom and gloom, and as you say, very exciting. I wonder who's gonna bite the bullet? Gunn maybe? Probably Wes? Who knows.

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      I don't like the cover either, I'm waiting for the Alex Garner one. I love those covers.

      I'm already not counting Gunn as a friend anymore. We know that Angel, Spike and Connor will survive anyway ... so I think that this will be the end of Wesley or Gwen ... maybe Fred, but after the last issue I've the feeling that she is already gone forever.

      Brian said that they aren't a year in LA ... only that we already read ATF for a year.
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        Awesome cover. (Though I almost like the black-and-white one better.)
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          Same here, hawkedup. Urru's art looks better in black-and-white in general, as I see it, with very few exceptions.

          (set made by Francy for me)


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            so, Angel is not dead ! good ! ^^

            Just one question, the season 8 of buffy : during season 5 of angel or during after the fall ?
            Sorry if you don't understand what I write, I'm french.


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              More than likely after "After the Fall" -- Season 8 didn't start until several months after Season 5 of "Angel" ended, so it's probably a little after this as well.
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                ok, thank you for the answer !
                Sorry if you don't understand what I write, I'm french.


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                  YAY!!!! URU IS BACK!!! THANK YOU COMIC GODS!!!!

                  Nice to see Captain Peroxide is still in the mix...
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