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Angel's contract?

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  • Angel's contract?

    If Angel is actually dying what can Cordy do to ease his passing, isn't he bound by a Wolfram and Hart contract just like Wesley? Can't they just drag him back to serve the needs of the Firm? Is Cordy just a faux Cordy like the faux Fred that tried to seduce Wesley?

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    Maybe it doesn't work that way with vampires? Or maybe all the rules are thrown out because they are in hell? I assume they have Gunn's soul somewhere, too. The only one they don't have is Fred (because hers got destroyed) and possibly Lorne (because he doesn't have a human soul).
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      I think they have his soul, but I'm not sure if they want to use it. They own his soul, but I'm not sure if they own his own will. If Wesley did what they wanted him to do, they want Angel dead ... and if that's the case, they probably don't want to bring him back.

      I'm curious how they get out of this? How does Angel get his soul back ... and Spike? Did he sign a contract?


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        I'm confused - because at the end of season five I thought the idea was to take down the senior partners to sever the links between them and the earth dimension.

        So, in doing so Angel (accidentally) then sent LA to a hell dimension, or bought a hell dimension to LA....or what, opened a portal from Hell, but only in LA?

        Therefore, where ever they are, or wherever LA is, presumably we're not playing by the same rules as on the actual earth dimension? If this is the case, then who knows?!
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          Angel tried to show the SP that they don't him (and his team), that they will win the war but that the humans will fight. It was a stand, Angel didn't try to win.

          The Senior Partners punished Angel by creating his own personal hell, all the people ge cares about are in danger and in pain while he can do bery little to help them. I don't know where LA is ... but the SP did it but according to Wes they also lost control.

          Angel's actions didn't cut the ties with W&H, because Wesley is in their power ... maybe if they get out ... but right now I think that W&H still own the souls of Team Angel.


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            Somehow, some way, I can't help but have the feeling, no matter how much they make Team Angel suffer, that the Senior Partners have bitten off more than even they can chew, and are using Team Angel to get them out of their predicament. Team Angel already showed their mettle by defeating Jasmine. So many times Angel has been in an impossible situation but through sheer grit and Luck? manages to save the day. As long as he is saving the world for now the Senior Partners are happy, it keeps the world around for the apocalypse they are planning. WHO IS THE OTHER BIG BAD? It's not Gunn, it's not Illyria, it's not the Evil Fairy Spike defeats in the Spike after the Fall, it is not the demon lords, because Angel already made mincemeat out of them. This series is driving me crazy! Now there's an Aftermath?What happens to Gunn, and Cordy, and Wes?


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              Hopefully that's a good crazy it's driving you! I know it's driving me a good kind of crazy (unlike some other comic book series about the eighth season of a certain vampire slayer show that shall remain nameless).
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