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    I got the impression that Lorne's powers to see the future was cut and dry kind of thing. Doe he only see parts of the future or what? Cuz he read Fred in 'Fredless' but obviously didn't foresee her death. Yet he was able to see Eve's future and it didn't look good for her. So how does his powers really work?
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    I don't think Lorne's abilities are so predictable. He is an empath so he can feel what others are feeling, so probably that would also depend upon how strongly someone was feeling something. Like if someone was really upset he would be more likely to notice than if they were just a little upset. As far as his ability to see the future, I think it has to do with like auras. Not specifics just darkness or light, good or bad intent-that kind of thing. I also kind of think the two are connected. For example, deep down people know if they're on the right track- when he reads their future it is more like he helps them get in touch with their feelings.

    Off-topic side note: I love Lorne and was really thrilled when he became a regular part of the cast.
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      I think that's right. Lorne feels out people's aura's and can tell them their destiny to an extent. His isn't oniscient and what he reads can be vague and sometimes indetermiable

      Lorne to Angel: I haven't actually featured a destiny with you in it lately. It's all kind of murky.

      And surely Lorne could have easily solved the Spike and Angel problem in Destiny. They both sing and Lorne tells them, no fisticuffs needed, but I don't think he necessarily could tell especially if there is a transcending reason why they shouldn't at this point know.


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        I always thought that his reading futures was a bit like looking at a vast landscape on a clear day - you can see what is closest quite clearly but the further away it is the harder it is to make out.

        In that case it would be understandable that Lorne couldn't see what was that far in Fred's (or Angel's for that matter) future, but could easily make out what was just about to happen. Also, on a dull and misty day you would find it harder to make anything out - in the same way that Lorne couldn't see a destiny for Angel in S2 when he "went off the rails" over Darla, because his future was having a bad weather day i.e. his future was up in the air because everything Angel was doing wasn't really part of his future - he was veering off his path.

        Lorne's destiny reading skills weren't perfect in any way at all. He was wrong about a few things over the years when it came to long term destinies, and I think the rest of the AI team knew this. I also think that Lorne slowly came to realise this himself and in Season 5 he became so doubtful of his own ability to help Angel's mission, it constituted a huge reason for him leaving.

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