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  • Illyria crossovers

    I read on Whedonesque dot com that Illyria was going to crossover to the fallen Angel comics. Is this an indication that Fred and Illyria are not going to be separated at the end of Angel aftermath and that there is no way Wesley is going to be spending his afterlife with her?

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    I doubt that the Illyria crossover would be part of the big story of Angel. From what I've heard is it just the character Illyria who goes playing somewhere else ... but not with the whole story she has in Ats.


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      Can anyone explain to me what 'Fallen Angel' is? Is it a story set in the Buffyverse? I've heard people mention it but don't recognise any of the characters names associated with the story so I'm confused as to wether or not this will be a 'Btvs/X Files' type of crossover or a 'Btvs/Ats' style crossover? Is it two entirely separate universes suddenly becoming one, or was 'Fallen Angel' always set in Buffy and Angel's world?

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        Fallen Angel has nothing to do with the Jossverse. But the writer Peter David of Fallen Angel loved the character Illyria and asked Joss if he could borrow her. I think that if Joss won't declare Illyria's time in Fallen Angel 'canon', it won't be part of the 'verse.


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          Persnally I love this idea. It fits within Illyria's character to want to know more about the world she now has to live in to go elsewhere and see whats out there. The universe is a different place to the one she left and I'm sure she wants to see how bad its gotten since her glorious reign. Hopefully he Peter David loved her enough to make her kick ass and not everyones punch bag. Whether its made canon or not, it'll be nice to see the character spread her wings and go explore, who knows by then she might even have real wings to use to fly there, lol.
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