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Angel: After the Fall, cover for issue #13

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  • Angel: After the Fall, cover for issue #13

    Alex Garner gave us another beautiful cover;

    click for the cover

    Another cover with Fred and Illyria together, I'm not sure what it is with the artists and Amy Acker ... but not one of them made a cover that really looks like her. This is the best until now.

    That doesn't change the fact that this is another beautiful cover from Alex Garner and I love the idea with the puzzle. I think that this is my favourite Alex Garner cover.
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    That a really nice cover! Love the puzzle effect. Wonder if the cover refers to Illyria and Fred as pieces of a puzzle that are finally coming together - albeit missing some pieces... Perhaps we won't have such a division in personalities between the two characters.

    I miss Franco... *sniff*
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      Franco Urru is back for issue 14 to 16. Runge couldn't work this fast, he only makes the covers to gether with Alex Garner I believe.

      Personally, I'm not a real Urru fan and I would've loved it when Runge would finish the series.
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