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Angel is talking ... to who?

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  • Angel is talking ... to who?

    In issue 2 of Spike After The Fall, we hear Angel talking to somebody ... who is it?

    "How long is it suposed to be like this. Now I know how you must've felt. Don't even know how long this will go on, feels like an eternity. Is it? Is that my hell? I want out, I want out and I want to do what's required. Not talking about what they think, or what they try to prevent me from doing, I'm talking about what I should be, what you knew that I always could be."

    The last words give me the feeling that he is talking to Cordelia. From all the people in the world, it's Cordelia who believes in him as a person the most. And maybe he is talking about Cordelia having no power in season 4 when Jasmine played with her body when he talking about knowing 'how you must have felt'. Yup my bets are on Cordelia right now. It would be nice if Cordelia could be with him in this time.
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    He talks to more than one person.

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    I think overall it makes sense for it to be Cordelia. Not only because of all the things you've mentioned but because who else would he be talking to in hope they'd be listening? Wesley tried to contact and communicate with her as well for the very same reason, because there's a underlying hope in both of them that Cordy is watching over everything.

    I suppose he could be talking to Wes. Wes may have told him about his own 'hell experience' regarding the manifestation of Fred in 'First Night' and would probably be talking to Angel about what Wolfram and Hart "think, or what they try to prevent him from doing." And like Cordy and Buffy, Wes has supported Angel and believed in him many times as well.

    The only thing that strikes me as odd about it being Cordelia is that I kind of get the impression that someone is talking back to Angel, especially regarding his comments about no longer wanting to talk about what Wolfram and Hart want him to think or do. We know that's impossible as when Wes tried to reach her it became clear she has no power in Hell A. Though I suppose Angel could just be referencing all the many years of pondering what Wolfram and Hart expects of him and the many hours spent trying to prevent that from happening.

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      "how you must've felt" has to be the clue. who has felt helpless? cordy was helpless in jasmine... wesley is currently helpless to help anyone and also went through a period of feeling separated from his friends while being injured (his throat cut).

      so either you have the inability to get out of an impotent state and help--goes for both jasmine-cordy and ghost-wesley--or you have a correlation between angel and wesley both being separated from their friends and going through periods of injury after thinking they were doing the right thing. the fact that he's talking about "must've felt" while in the process of healing, actually wesley makes more sense. cordy never went through a lonely healing process--she was just used up and discarded.

      though his language sounds more like the language he'd talk to cordy with.

      "how long is it supposed to be like this" can either be asking wesley how long he has to stay stuck in the glowy thing, or it could be asking god/cordy how long he has to suffer in the grander sense.
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        I think that Angel is saying all his thoughs out loud, and sees it as a conversation with Cordy. Angel can only think and talk right now ... but not move (or see and hear?). He probably thought a lot about W&H, what they want ... what they don't want. And maybe Wesley visits him sometimes with new information ... and if he tells this to Cordelia ... he is talking about it.

        To quote the Queen herself;
        "This is gonna be one of those talks where I do all the talking, isn't it?"

        Only, does Angel know that she is listening ... or does he only hope that she is listening? Wesley got a sign ... maybe Angel did as well?

        But of course ... it can be Wesley as well. But where was he when Spike came in?


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          i think angel is probably talking to everybody... wesley, cordy, god... it's all existentialist stuff to anybody out there that he hopes is listening, imo. there's lines in there that could have multiple meanings or are to different people.

          maybe wesley is there but invisible, or angel thinks he's there. maybe it's just cordy. actually, with the exception of the "felt" line (which fits wesley's friend-abandonment while doing the right thing/healing history more, imo), it sounds strongly like a one-sided conversation to cordy where she can't doing anything to help.

          "If there is no great glorious end to all this, if nothing we do matters, then all that matters is what we do."
          "Nothing in the world is the way it ought to be. It's harsh and cruel. But that's why there's us. Champions."


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            I don't know, he seems to be thinking out loud. But if I have to take a chance I think that he's talking either to Cordelia or Wesley. Cordelia because she's his muse right, she's the one that believes in him, that has been by his side always and she knows what is like to be unable to affect anything that happens around (season 4 Cordelia). And Wesley because he might be the one that is using the magic thing going on there, after all he's the one we see around Angel all the time after his fall.
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