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  • Nostalgic memories!

    Let's share some of our most nostalgic memories that buffy brings us. It can be of certain episodes. Or the whole show. Maybe something happened during an episode that everytime you watch that ep you think of that event. Or maybe you drowned yourself into Buffy to hide away from reality.

    When I was in sixth grade,.. some odd.. ten years ago, my mom divorced my dad. We moved in with my aunt and her husband and two kids. Me my mom and 2 brothers and their family all lived in a three bedroom doublewide for about.. six/seven months. It was a rough time for me, and my aunt loved to watch buffy. My bedtime being nine, on buffy night i would get to stay up an hour later, and my (now passed away ) grandmother came over and us girls got to stay up and watch buffy and eat goodies! Thats where i met buffy! I started in season 2 i do believe. Ever since i cant stop watching the show. Have loved it ever since.

    So needless to say i love season two!

    Another episode that sticks out is, graduation one and two. Columbine happened right around the time and i remember how they didnt air the ep. until months after it was suppose to have shown because of the violence the episode had and it was school based as well. Every time i watch that episode i think of watching the columbine shootings on tv and thinking of how horrible the world can be.

    In season three/four i had recruited ALL of my friends into buffy and when we would write notes to each other we all had our own character we used! I was willow, we had a buffy,angel,anya,cordeila, and xander. That way we didnt get in trouble in class because only our nerdy little cliq knew who was who. LOL. What can i say,.. we were losers.. ha ha!

    When they brought dawn in the picture i remember everyone at my lunch table saying how they were going to quit watching, and how i defended the show saying, "give the writers a chance to make her great!" so everytime i watch the beginng of season 5 i think of how little faith my friends had.

    So what about you guys? Any good stories about who ytou love/hate a certain episode/season? Does buffy have any sentimental meaning to you? I have sat down to watch buffy with some of the greatest people i know family, bestfriends, new friends, boyfriends. Buffy has a very sentimental meaning for me.

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    I think Chosen was the second episode I ever saw, and for some strange reason I videoed it! Then, when I was about 14 I got pretty ill and had to stay in bed for a few weeks, and I started watching all my old videos since I didn't have a DVD player in my room. That is when I really got hooked; I watched Chosen at least 3 times a day for 3 weeks without having seen any of the others apart from The Zeppo I can pretty much recite it word for word!


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      Wow! Three times a day? Man thats an awesome story! I had a band concert(i played clarinet) and had one of my friends tape "Normal again" for me. So the next day when i got the tape from him was like "i dont know if hyou want to watch this? you might cry". So everytime i watch that ep, i don't cry, but i think of him trying to comfort me,lol.