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    What is your favorite season of Angel?

    Mine is Season 5, but 4 is a close 2nd

    also your top 3 episodes from that season.

    mine are Not Fade Away, Smile Time, and A Hole in the World.

    also the episode(s) you didn't like as much: Why We Fight?
    Season 1
    Season 2
    Season 3
    Season 4
    Season 5
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    Season 5 will alwyas be my favorite.

    My favorite episode in that season are "A Hole in the World", "Shells", "Smile Time", "Not Fade Away", "Just Rewards", and "Power Play".
    Willow & Tara= LOVE.
    "That's your costume?"
    "....Bunnies frighten me..."

    I have a more than slight obsession with BTVS Season 6.


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      Season 4, it had almost no bad episodes, good acting, it's probably the only season that really makes you think about it, Jasmine was an amazing bad good person, the pace, the fantastic episodes and bad guys, great moments etc. My favourite episodes; Orpheus, Soulless, The Magic Bullet and Deep Down. But I love much more ... the whole Faith arc, I think that Home has some beautiful moments, HC and AN ...

      Season 2 is close behind, I love Darla ... dark Angel and Dru. But there are some terrible episodes and the last arc is funny but incredibly out of place.

      Season 3 is great because of Wesley and Holtz. I love the dark moments, but there are too much light moments that rub me the wrong way. Angel and Cordelia are both painfully OOC, Angel as dad is cute but not very interesting (at least, he wasn't when Connor was a baby) and Gunn and Fred have the same problem.

      Season 5 has such an awful start and it lost the Ats vibe. Lorne, Gunn, Wesley and Fred had much less to do. I missed Cordelia, Spike and Harmony were poor replacements for Queen C and Angel was unlikable a lot of the time. That doesn't take away that there were amazing episodes and the last run of episodes were great.

      Season 1 is my least favourite one, it had some great episodes ... but the show was still searching and it felt like a big mess.

      If I can put Atf somewhere, I would put it between season 2 and 3. It's not a real season and the FN series were not great ... but the characters are IC, the story is great ... just like the pacing.
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        Season 4 is great as well, don't get me wrong. I love Orpheus, and The Magic Bullet, but I think season 5 has more great episodes.... no offense to any s4 lovers.
        Willow & Tara= LOVE.
        "That's your costume?"
        "....Bunnies frighten me..."

        I have a more than slight obsession with BTVS Season 6.


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          That's still very hard to choose for me.
          Season 4 has 16 awesome episodes and 6 awful episodes. Season 5 has a lot of bad episodes but my three all-time favorites (A Hole In The World, Shells and You're Welcome...)

          I'm gonna choose Season 4 because the arc is totally awesome, Cordy rocks and because from Apocalypse Nowish to Inside Out, I love every single minute on screen.
          My favorite episodes are: Awekening, Soulless and Salvage.
          My least favorite is also the worst Season Finale of the Buffyverse: Home.


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            Ummm... I Chose Season 5 becuz it might have a slow start but it has a awesome last half, with
            3 kickass deaths of important Angel people
            . and The best character to never see a full season Illyria.

            Favorite Episodes (Not best):
            TCTONC AKA The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco
            Hole in the World
            Time Bomb and others

            Worst episode:
            The first 7 episodes-Minus TCTONC


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              I had to go with season 5, yes there were some less than desirable episodes but I honestly was so happy that Connor was either out of the picture and then when back he was so much better to watch that it made a huge difference for me as a fan.

              Then there was Cordy's departure, I know I am in the minority here but I did not miss her, not because I did not like her, but because I had been upset with the direction that had taken her character for a long time. I didn't mind her as a big bad but I was very against Cangel and was worried on how that would be if she had come back for good and as her true self. Then again I am not sure what her official true self was with the writers anymore, I didn't like the saintly Cordelia and prefered probably early saeson 2 Cordelia the best. We could see growth but she still had all the traits that made her Cordelia and sadly they in my opinion dropped the ball when they decided to continue to grow her character. And again I know I am biased in my view but I was so uncomfortable with a romance between her and Angel. I felt like I was watching a brother and sister fall for each other and all I can say is yuck. So having that uncomfortable feeling lifted in the last season was great for me.

              Spike's arrival. Okay again I know a lot of people weren't thrilled with Spike for many reasons. Some felt he was out of character, otehrs felt he and Angel became too childish in each other's presence etc. I personally did not see either and I haved talked about why on other threads (though I comepletely understand were fans are coming from on the other side). I personally love Spike and Angel's dynamic and was thrilled to see my two favorite vamps side by side and see Spike away from Buffy.

              I also found Angel having to find his way again while working for W&H a great storyline and I found the fact that in the end he had lost almost everyone and ended fighting just felt so true to what Angel and his series was all about.

              So those are many of the reasons Season 5 is my favorite.


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                I'm going to say Season 2, right now. I love the Darla stuff. Darla, The Trial, and Reunion are three of my favorite episodes from that season. Season 4 is a close second, and may be pushed up to my favorite after I rewatch it. The Faith arc and Spin the Bottle are my favorite from that season.


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                  The first 2. When they were starting out. No Cordelia and Connor silliness, no Angel looking a lot less cool, no owning a huge corporation which in my opinion ruined a lot of things, etc. I still like the later ones, mind. Just a lot, lot less than the earlier ones.

                  I voted for season 2.


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                    Season 4.

                    Very, very closely followed by season 3. Season 4 had such a fantastic and well-constructed story-arc, possibly the best of any season in the Whedonverse. It was so complex and multi-layered. I hated Charisma Carpenter trying to act evil though, she really didn't pull it off (aside from the final scene of S4's best ep, Calvary - shocking!). Aside from that the season was the closest to perfection AtS ever got in terms of overall season stories/episode quality.

                    It's really close between S4 and S3 though.

                    My order would be:

                    Season 4
                    Season 3
                    Season 5
                    Season 2
                    Season 1


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                      My Fav would be S5, just ahead of s4 because the ending let the season down.

                      Then 4, 2, 3, 1

                      But I like them all more than most of Buffy. And they are pretty close together.

                      My fav eps in s5 in order are Not Fade away, Time Bomb, Smile Time
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                        Mine is definitely Season 1 - it's the classic! You have Cordy as an actual character rather than a copy of Buffy, there is Doyle. And the standalones are fantastic


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                          Mine would have to season 3 mostly because of Wesley and how much his character changes.

                          Season 4 was my least favourite because I hated the whole Jasmine arc. But on the whole it was saved by the return of Faith and Angelus.

                          Season 5 is my second favourite because Spike returns!


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                            I actually really liked the Jasmine arc. There's never been such a "grey-area" villain. It would've been a challenge for the writers and it definitely paid off. I didn't like the final five episodes much on first viewing, but on repeats they started to make a lot more sense and I started to see the whole point in Jasmine.


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                              SEASON 5!! Spike Time!!

                              My favorite episode is Destiny - Spike wins!! (for once...)

                              I also liked Girl in Question, Why We Fight, Smile Time, and Hole in the World.

                              Most of the episodes in S5 were really great - which is another reason it's my favoirte season.

                              I also liked Season 1, 2 and 3.

                              Season 4 is my least favorite.
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                                I think it's between season 1 and season 3.
                                Season one is have some really good episodes, and you can watch them over and over again. Doyle and Cordelia is funny together and they learn to trust each other throughout the series. But wes is to geeky for my taste, but he gets better in the end.
                                Favourtie episodes is city of, room with a view,sanctuary and to sanshu in LA.
                                My worst episode is probably hero.
                                Season 3 got some good Cangel moments and good twists. I love the love triangle between Wes/fred/gunn.
                                Favourite episode must be waiting in the wings.


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                                  Hero was one of the best episodes of season one. Doyle's death was dealt with well and I loved the Nazi-like demons.

                                  The worst episode of season 1 is easily She - in fact, it's the worst episode of any of Joss' shows (AtS, BtVS or Firefly).


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                                    nah, no episode of ats (including she and i fall to pieces) even comes CLOSE to beer bad, where the wild things are, go fish, i, robot... you, jane and buffy vs. dracula. i also hate the body. ats was waaaay more consistent and of generally higher quality than btvs.

                                    and firefly seriously drags in the middle. i think firefly suffered season 1-itis much worse than ats. it had about the usual amount of memorable moments for half of a joss season 1; nothing more. imo, firefly didn't quite gel until the movie. that's when it really found the story arc the series should have gotten to.

                                    ats--i usually have trouble between seasons 3 and 4. i've voted for both in different polls (season 3 this time). i HATE cangel and matronly saint cordy (give me bitch-cordy and evil-cordy/jasmine any day--the best parts of season 3 are when cordy is taken out of the limelight by darla or on vacation--which removes the dork-angel element and let the writers go full-on angst mode), but the angel/holtz/darla/wesley/connor arc is likely my favorite part of ats. on the other hand, season 4 had the most consistent high quality and the best serialized arc feel.

                                    though i suppose consistency-wise, this probably the right order:
                                    1) season 4
                                    2) season 3
                                    3) season 5
                                    4) season 2
                                    5) season 1
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                                      I really think Doyles death was wrong. Everything about that episode was wrong!
                                      I had picturing him and cordelia kissing in the rain before he ran to meet his destiny. Instead their on this boat and he is burning to death. It's just a bad ending for doyle.


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                                        whats with me and season 1 ? Buffy and Angel both.

                                        season one is amazing . i just finished watching it for the 20th time . and i fell in love with cordelia. youd think it wouldnt take me that long . i love everything about her in season 1 . of course shes also amazing in all the other seasons. except the jasmine ones . im not a fan of that little era.
                                        SEASON 1!!!!! wooot wooott

                                        but yes, season 5 has some of my favorite episodes of all angel