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  • H&R, a mistake or ...

    In issue 10, Spike says H&R instead of W&H. Is this a mistake in the comics ... or is this prove that the Wolf is not longer alive? And if it is, did I miss something and how does Spike know this. Has anybody an idea?

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    Maybe he was jokingly referring to one of these guys.

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      As gently as I can say it, it wouldn't be a sudden or alarming occurence to have uncovered a spelling or grammar error in an "After the Fall" issue. I re-read the line in question, and neither of the "H&R" references make sense even as sarcasm.
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        Yeah - that's what I thought also...typo. I did think "Human Resources" but couldn't really tie it to anything in the conversation. Any word from Lynch?
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          I'm just happy I'm too bad to notice these things But it is unfortunate people do find the mistakes, don't they have someone checking it before it goes to print ?

          We don't have the actors anymore, it's official canon continuation and all we have to go on now is what we read, I think it's important mistakes like this shouldn't happen. Forever now we'll have a scene where Spike is referencing the mysterious H & R

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            Usually, I don't see grammar mistakes either ... but this one I noticed. But okay, probably a mistake ... I was afraid that I missed something.


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              for some reason, when i read that, the only thing that kept running through my head is has spike been dealing with h&r block lately? well, spike was thrown in jail for tax evasion once. i guess taxes are part of his time in hell--he's confusing them with w&h.

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