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    I'm loving the story of After the fall so far, but it just seems like it's taking forever to unfold. I have no idea where it is all leading but it feels like it's building up to something huge. So how are all the characters going to fit in?
    An Angel-Gunn showdown is obviously in the works and has potential to be amazing. I can't even imagine how great vamp Gunn would be in live action. Gunn has a romantic history with gwen, so
    it is sure to be memorable when they meet again with his new vamp status. Since she is now with Connor, I can see Gunn getting to him through Gwen. Gunn could use Connor as bait for Angel, torture or even kill him. I actually really like the character of Connor so I don't want to see him die, but it would really be a slap in the face to Angel if Gunn killed his son.

    I'm really not sure where the illyria-fred-wesley storyline is heading at all. I can see Illyria sacrificing herself in some way to help Wesley either be with Fred or return to his body.

    Lorne needs to suck is up and fight. They are in hell and if Andrew could grab a sword and fight in Buffy then lorne can do the same. I want Lorne to bring the furies back into the game. Maybe they cast an important spell in the end.

    Nina needs some story desperately. I think she needs to hook it up with Groo. How funny would that be if Groo, the guy that got Cordelia when Angel wanted her and was like Angels twin at one point, got with Angels ex-girlfriend. Not sure what the point would be in their relationship other than the irony factor.

    And then there is Spike. I want to see Spike come out on top. Higher than Angel himself.

    I would also love if After the fall tied into Buffy season eight somehow.
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    I think that issue #11 will be the issue where we find out what Gunn is up to and this is also the issue where Angel fights him and I also think that this is the end for Gunn. Maybe Angel kills him, if not, my money is on Connor.

    If that's the case, there are 5 issues left to find a way out of hell. I'm not suer how, but I bet that it will be an amazing finale. Depends on the future of Angel, which characters will survive. If there is a plan for another Angel arc, I think that they find a way to save Wesley (his body still looked good, so it's possible.). And the others will survive as well. Or, they go for the 'Angel ends up alone' story. But I doubt that they will go there.

    About the ending, I don't know what the plan is ... but I know that Angel will be the one who fixes this mess. The W&H are scared that he will do it, and Angel seems to think that he can do it. He doesn't sound hopeless in the comics.