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  • After the Fall Issue 12 cover


    New cover posted for Issue 12 of 'After the Fall' and my god, things don't look good


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    Such a powerful cover, I love it. Considering Connor's special heritage, I can't help but wonder if
    some innate instinct has Connor feed some of his blood to Angel before he dies, and the blood, similar to a vampire's, transforms Angel, only it transforms him into a being like his son. All the strengths of the vampire, none of the weaknesses.


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      a new cover with the same theme:

      i'm getting really scared for poor angel!!!

      and flicking your cig in angel's grave--com'on now, spike. respect.

      i like the likenesses of connor and spike. fred seems a troublesome likeness for this artist--it looks like he's using a girlfriend to model for amy acker or something and it doesn't quite come out looking like amy. connor is my favorite of the three likenesses.

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        I wonder if they'd ever kill Angel off for good? I think I remember Lynch saying that only *some* characters could have a story after the series. I'm guessing that means we might be having a few deaths along the way? :gulp:

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          Woah, that's Fred? My first thought was Nina, then I realized she was a brunette. I don't think it really looks like Fred at all. Connor looks nice, though. And it's interesting, that there's a grave here, because I guess before I never really thought Angel was totally dead, but rather just mortally wounded or something. So I guess he does die? Or it's a metaphorical death, but I can't really see any part of Angel that would need to "die", so...literal is all I'm coming up with.
          The story's kinda bland. It's about this guy named Dumbledore Calrissian who needs to return the ring back to Mordor.


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            This really screams shanshu to me. I mean Angel needs to die to live right? I haven't rewatched Angel in a while, so I may be wrong, but what if this is Angel's shanshu? He dies, but comes back as a human. We know that his current state isn't from the shanshu, so maybe this is it...
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              The problem is that he is already human, right now in the comics. There is a chance that he already is shanshued, the vampire has to die when the man lives. That's the dead/life part of the shanshu, at least that's how Wesley explained it.

              Bryan Lynch already said that the cover isn't literal, those three characters are never standing around a grave in the woods. On IDW forums, somebody pointed out that it could be a farewell to hell, and I like that. But why would they look so sad when they leave hell. Maybe because they lost Wesley and Gunn (and Angel?) there? The air above them looks normal, that could be a sign that they are back.

              I still haven't made up my mind about Angel dieing, somehow it fits and it would be a better end than him being a vampire again. But no Angel and no Wesley anymore? Those two characters gave us the most interesting storylines, Wesley was the only character that changed so much without one OOC moment ... it's quite a sacrifice for a shocking ending.


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                So many questions, So little information...


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                  Preview of issue 12;

                  What abut the new artist and who is sitting there. I would say 'Eve' just looking at the legs and shoes. But Angel seems to be happy to see her. So maybe it's not real and is it Cordelia?