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The Hole L.A In Hell Thing

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  • The Hole L.A In Hell Thing

    Now looking at the Connor Story from After The Fall is it possible that L.A hasn't gone to hell? Could this L.A actually be a fake one that the senior partners made and then put people in.

    I doubt this is what actually is happening but look at what happens to Connor he just appears there also look at Spike and Angel, they're fighting and then they just appear somewhere else. It is possible that the fight in the alley was actually happening on Earth but half way through they were transported to Hell. Also look at Wesleys First Night Story as soon as he died he appeared in that Chair. But he didnt just appear back into L.A he had to walk through a portal type thing, as if it were another L.A.

    I doubt it seeing as if the L.A isn't the real L.A then why were all the pedestrians there. I suppose the people may have been transported as well. But i just don't thinkt he L.A we are seeing is the proper one. The proper one could potentially still there just completely empty and this one in hell is an exact replica but more dmeonic.


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    Issue 8 gives a lot of insight on what is happening.

    LA is projected/transported/changed into a hell dimension. All the people are in hell now. You can't get out or in and it happened not long after the fight in the alley did start. Angel was still looking for Gunn while it happened and er know that he promised Gunn to come back not long after the fight started.

    KoC posted a theory, and I think that he is right, there is some spell that stops people (from outside LA) from caring or going to LA, so they don't notice anything ... but they never go to LA or call with people in LA.